The Hub Seedlings
Global Network
A global community of Forest Bathing Guides and Forest Therapy Practitioners, providing support and collaboration opportunities with other organisations, seeking connections with groups and individuals from various fields, and promoting health, well-being, and nature connection globally.

Who can join The Hub Seedlings Global Network?

Is there any cost associated with joining The Hub Seedlings Global Network?

We provide educational resources in a calendar tailored for your professional growth, and personal transformation and for rebuilding Planetary Health.

The Hub Seedlings Global Network Design

The Hub Seedlings Global Network is composed of regional Seedlings Hubs led by high-level advisors, FTHub-certified guides, practitioners and trainers representing diverse cultural and educational backgrounds.

Check the current list of networks and leaders below and their bios here.

North America
Seedlings Network
(English-speaking countries)
∙ Sharon L. Thoma
∙ Erika DiPascuale
∙ Susan Andrien
∙ Sean Graham
∙ Gina Paolozzi
∙ Christine Tappan
∙ Jessica Jurcak
Seedlings Network
∙ Inga Dreimane
∙ Pietro Ostano
∙ Hannah McNeilly
∙ Katja Cimermančič
∙ Manuela Renzi
∙ Marta Ayats
Seedlings Network
∙ Marta Ayats
∙ Rocío Ferraro
∙ Fernando Cesar de Souza
∙ Nury Alexandra Prieto Clavijo
∙ Oliva Relinque
∙ Montse Rosell
Seedlings Network
∙ Betty Fang
∙ David Roland
∙ Sukhee Park
Seedlings Network
∙ Manuela Renzi
∙ Pietro Ostano
∙ Stefania Calzini
Seedlings Network
∙ Marta Grabowska
∙ Monika Uklejewska
∙ Katarzyna Khanna
∙ Jacek Grygutis
Seedlings Network
∙ Marta Ayats

Voices of Growth

Get inspired by The Hub Chronicles, testimonials of the cherished personal journeys of FTHub Guides and Practitioners.

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