General Conditions

1. Object

FOREHUB, LDA, a company with a registered office at Avenida D. João l, n.21, 1º esq., 2800-111 Almada (Portugal), with VAT number 513 652 752 (hereinafter referred to as “Forest Therapy Hub”) is a for-profit organisation whose mission is to achieve social and environmental benefits.

Forest Therapy Hub is a company dedicated, among other things, to facilitating and developing nature connection techniques so that all people can experience the health benefits of natural environments. Forest Therapy Hub provides various services in the common framework of nature-based well-being practices within its business and experience.

The Individual Conditions of each activity complement the conditions described in this section (the “General Conditions”). The Individual Conditions supersede and complete these General Conditions and apply to those who participate in Forest Therapy Hub’s events and activities (the “Participants”).

2. Responsibilities and risks

The Participants acknowledge and accept that:

  • Outdoor activities in natural areas involve a risk that can lead to various types of damage, whether personal or material;
  • Risks inherent to the activities can be minimised but not eliminated without compromising the essential characteristics of the activity. These damages can result from several factors, including falls, exposure to high or low temperatures, animal attacks or insect bites;
  • The activities occur in places that are sometimes difficult to access, and medical assistance may take some time to arrive in the event of an accident;
  • The collaborators of Forest Therapy Hub seek security, reducing the risks associated with the activities carried out, but they cannot control all the factors.

Thus, after registration/reservation, the Participants assume the following commitments before Forest Therapy Hub and, for the due legal effects, accept and declare that they are aware of the risks mentioned above and voluntarily wish to participate. Hence, Participants declare that they:

  • will respect all the rules, guidelines, norms of conduct and all kinds of recommendations given by the employees and collaborators of Forest Therapy Hub for their safety, that of other people (whether they participate or not) and the environment in which the activity occurs, whether it is a public or private natural space;
  • have the physical and psychological conditions to withstand the effort associated with this programme and do not have heart, lung or other diseases that in any way imply limitations for the practice of sports activities.

Forest Therapy Hub’s employees and collaborators are not responsible for the inappropriate behaviour of the Participants during the activities or for damages that may be caused to third parties (who participate or not) or to the natural environment.

On these terms, to the extent of what is legally permissible, Participants waive any claim against Forest Therapy Hub for damages caused by their participation in this activity.

3. Duration of activities

The duration of the activities is indicative, based on ideal conditions. The time may be reduced by environmental causes beyond the control of Forest Therapy Hub. Participants will have no rights, such as reimbursements if a change of schedule occurs due to unpredictable circumstances.

4. Image Rights

Without prejudice to the images whose consent is legally required, Forest Therapy Hub will use images taken before, during and after activities for promotional purposes, where the participant gives his/her consent for such use.

5. Liability

Forest Therapy Hub has all its activities covered by a Civil Liability policy in each country.

6. Reservation of Activities

The registration or reservation of the activities of Forest Therapy Hub must necessarily be made by a reservation form on our website ( The Participant agrees to pay for all the services for which the reservation was made, pursuant to this registration.

After registration, participants will receive an email with the confirmation, from In terms of the availability of the requested activity, the registration will only be valid after the subsequent written confirmation from

1. Please complete all questions on the application form and press “Apply Here”.

2. You will receive a confirmation email from with your order number. If you don’t receive our email, please check your unwanted email box (junk or spam folder).

3. If you are accepted into the programme you will be notified by email, within 3 days, with instructions for accessing the learning platform. If you are not accepted, the payment made will be refunded.

The registration will only be valid after the subsequent written confirmation from

7. Payment Policies

7.1 Payment Options


  • Pay in full (single payment upon registration): EUR 1,460 / USD 1,570
  • Pay in 3 instalments
    • Incurs a surcharge: EUR 60 / USD 65
    • Total with surcharge: EUR 1,520 / USD 1,635
    • First payment, upon registration: EUR 620 / USD 667
    • Future payments: two payments of EUR 450 / USD 484 over two months (EUR 900 / USD 968)


  • Pay in full (single payment upon registration): EUR 2,100 / USD 2,258
  • Pay in 3 instalments
    • Incurs a surcharge: EUR 60 / USD 65
    • Total with surcharge: EUR 2,160 / USD 2,323
    • First payment, upon registration: EUR 860 / USD 925
    • Future payments: two payments of EUR 650 / USD 699 over two months (EUR 1,300 / USD 1,398)
  • Pay in 6 instalments
    • Incurs a surcharge: EUR 120 / USD 132
    • Total with surcharge: EUR 2,220 / USD 2,390
    • First payment, upon registration: EUR 860 / USD 925
    • Future payments: five payments of EUR 272 / USD 293 over five months (EUR 1,360 / USD 1,465)

OTHER TRAINING: payment will be due at the time of registration.

If you choose to pay in instalments:

  • Payments are due on the same day of the month as the first payment and will be charged automatically using the card details provided for the first payment.
  • If subsequent instalments need to be paid manually, after a failed automatic charge on the card, there will be an additional charge of EUR 56 / USD 60.

Failure to attend the programme does not prejudice Forest Therapy Hub’s right to demand payment in full, should the Participant choose to do so.

7.2 Payment Method

Payment will be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) and the participant must provide the bank details duly updated and necessary for this purpose (card number, cardholder, expiration date and security code).

The amounts and dates of debits are as stipulated in this payment policy. Payment dates: monthly payments are due on the same date as the first payment and will be charged automatically using the card details provided for the first payment.

The payment includes applicable taxes.

If Forest Therapy Hub is unable to collect payment through the selected payment method at the time the instalment is due, it may temporarily suspend access to the activities until payment can be collected. If Forest Therapy Hub is unable to collect payment it will cancel participation in the training.

All the information that the participant submits for this purpose is encrypted and sent directly to the payment gateway. Forest Therapy Hub does not keep any of this data to ensure the participant’s information is secure.

8. Refund and Cancellation Policies

8.1 Online training and courses

Cancellation by the Participant of FTHub online training and courses:

  • Participants have the right to a refund if cancellation occurs within 14 days beginning the day after purchase provided that they did not have access to the programme contents.
  • Once the Participant has access to the programme contents, there will be no refund.

8.2 In-person events

Cancellation by the Participant of FTHub in-person events (such as the FTHub 3-day In-person Immersive Training in Nature or the Summer School):

  • Up to 3 months before the event: a full refund will be granted, with a deduction of EUR 100 for administrative costs.
  • Less than 3 months before the event: a 50% refund will be granted.
  • Less than 1 month before the event: no refund will be granted for any fees paid by the Participant. Participants may request, in writing, to the organiser that the total amount paid be transferred to a future in-person event (FTHub 3-day In-person Immersive Training in Nature or Summer School). This transfer must be used within 1.5 years from the date of the original event.
  • In the case of registrations for events exclusively for guides and professionals trained by people from outside the network, a full refund will be made automatically, with a deduction of EUR 60 for administrative costs.

If Forest Therapy Hub cancels the event, Participants will be informed as soon as possible and be offered alternative dates, or a total refund of all amounts paid to date.

Forest Therapy Hub reserves the right to cancel and modify activities in the following cases:

  • Not having the minimum number of participants necessary for the activity to take place. Forest Therapy Hub can cancel programmes up to 1 month before their start;
  • Bad weather conditions that make it impractical to carry out the activity;
  • The minimum-security conditions are not met;
  • Other conditions that make the activity impossible (fires, strong winds, falling trees, etc.)

In case of cancellation of the activity, Participants shall not be entitled to claim for reimbursement of personal expenses incurred due to the cancellation of the activity, such as transportation and accommodation expenses, among others.

If the Participants do not attend on the scheduled date, time and place of the event, without having cancelled or changed their participation as described above, Participants will lose all rights inherent to the activity, including the right to participate in other events or have any reimbursements.

9. Governing Law and Territory

This Agreement is governed by the laws of Portugal and subject to the jurisdiction of the Portuguese Courts.

10. Contact, suggestions and complaints

For further information, Participants can use the following contact:

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