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Certified Forest Bathing Guide, to integrate knowledge and key skills in well-being and nature connections practices.

Certified Forest Therapy Practitioner, to develop new skills at the forefront of complementary health therapeutic practices.

Certified Forest Bathing Guide, if you want to learn a therapeutic and well-being practice.

Certified Forest Therapy Practitioner, if you want to learn how to apply scientific evidence in health, well-being and nature connection as a complement to conventional treatment, improving the physical, mental and social health of the population.

Certified Forest Bathing Guide: immersion week (in-person or live online) + 12-week Training & Mentored Practice (live online).

Certified Forest Therapy Practitioner: immersion week (in-person or live online) + 24-week Training & Mentored Practice (live online).

The Blended (in-person + live online) training format consists of an immersion of 5 days held in person and a 12 or 24-week component through live online classes (videoconference) that you can do from home, plus the Mentored Practice.

Yes, the Live Online format offers training with 100% live online classes (videoconference). None of the online classes is pre-recorded, you will always have the live presence of a trainer.

Yes, both formats are designed so that you obtain the same learning result.

No. The formations are not accredited, nor do we want them to be. This allows us greater flexibility to update the content and adapt the experiential learning.

The training programmes are specific titles of the FTHub. They certify that you have integrated the knowledge, techniques and skills inherent to the liquid model and the FTHub Method.

The training is designed for a wide range of professionals with different paths and experiences. We do not train therapists or health professionals.

Yes. Language cannot be a barrier. If you have questions, let us know in the registration form so that we can support you in the best way.

Pedagogical Methodology

The training programmes combine theoretical content with practical experiences. The contents of the programme are distributed in several modules, with 4 units each. Each unit has an estimated reading time of 4-6 minutes, with additional content and an exercise to facilitate the understanding and integration of the content. You will also have to guide several Forest Bathing walks.

Yes, but don’t worry if you don’t get through the exercises the first time. You will have the opportunities you need to try again until you integrate the knowledge and pass it.

They are live sessions (none of the online classes is pre-recorded) with trainers and mentors, where you will have the opportunity to develop knowledge, clarify doubts, generate debates and share the experience in real-time with your fellow students. It is highly recommended to have read the corresponding unit, before attending one of the sessions.

Yes, you are assigned a mentor who offers you individualised support. In addition to the live online teaching sessions, you have group discussions with your fellow programme members and a forum with all the professionals trained by the FTHub.

We use a learning management platform (LMS) where all the contents of the programme are hosted: texts, videos, exercises and curiosities. In addition to the content of the programme, you will have access to support material that will help you reinforce your knowledge.

Once you make the deposit, you have access to the platform with content to prepare the immersion and practical exercises so that you can start boosting your nature connectedness. The rest of the contents are made available as the training programme progresses.

You have a limited access time to the platform. In some circumstances (illnesses or other justified conditions), we extend the access time.

Questions about Payment and Return Policies

Forest Bathing Certified Guide, in Blended format (in-person + live online): € 1,960 (travel, accommodation, meals or other expenses are not included).

Certified Forest Bathing Guide, in Live Online format: € 1,760.

Certified Forest Therapy Practitioner, in Blended format (in-person + live online): € 2,724 (travel, accommodation, meals or other expenses are not included).

Certified Forest Therapy Practitioner, in Live Online format: € 2,100.

No. Once you register, the admissions team will review your application and contact you within 7 days. As soon as your registration is accepted, you only pay a deposit of € 500.

In the case of a justified emergency or restrictions on movements due to Covid, we will make a full refund.

Yes. As soon as your application is accepted, you only have to pay € 500, to confirm your registration and keep your place in the training. The remaining amount can be paid in instalments until the start of the training programme.

Yes. We award scholarships to cover a percentage of the cost of the programme. You can view more information here.


As much as you request. We operate on a basis of trust, so any student can apply for a scholarship. This is not a guarantee that it will be granted to you.

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