The Water Man: reshaping the water narrative through the crucial wonderful “Blue Mind”

 One-of-a-kind Dr Wallace J. Nichols, Marine biologist with degrees in economics, Spanish, policy, wildlife ecology and evolutionary biology, says he wanted more than science but “a problem-solving toolkit”. The core of his motivation is to reshape the water narrative, restore that value equation, not just its economic and ecological benefits, but the emotional value of water.

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Research on (natural) Beauty that “can save the world”

Rhett Diessner has been fascinated by Psychology since a very young age. And so fascinating was his professional focus, moral beauty. He investigates, among other amazing topics, the psychology of elevation, a type of emotion that leads us to want to be better: “Recognizing beauty will save the world”. PhD, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at

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A Bright Path: From illness, to recovery and a new path: Forest Therapy for Severe & Complex Mental Health Issues in England – An Alternative Therapeutic Approach

You could listen to her for hours. Angela discusses opening hearts and minds, from her childhood in Cyprus, her life in London and a deep crisis: “The woods saved me”, says the Chief Executive of Mind in Hillingdon, a mental health Charity that takes its patients to nature. Angela’s journey has taken her from being a

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Creating spaces for healing in the urban nature of the big cities

Betty Fang, based in Singapore, is an inspirational figure specializing in nature connection practices coaching and FTHub Forest Bathing Guide. She empowers individuals, particularly women, by bringing the benefits of nature to urban dwellers in bustling cities in Singapore and China. Betty’s strong determination and goals shape her life as she facilitates the enhancement of

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