Vivian Winterhoff, trainer & mentor in FTHub

Nature in motion: when the road returns to the forest

Vivian Winterhoff lives in the United States, she is a Forest Bathing Guide, trainer and mentor in FTHub. She has a deep and practical approach to Forest Bathing, senses and empathy. After meeting her in the trainings is no surprise to learn she was a little girl when started writing a book about the forest

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Caitlin Keddie

The scottish Forest Bathing path

Caitlin Keddie is a pioneer. A trainer and mentor in FTHub, she became the first certified Forest Bathing Guide in Scotland in 2017. She is passionate about mental health and she regularly facilitates Forest Bathing workshops and Forest Bathing walks to the public, corporate clients and government organizations. Caitlin co-owns Napiers the Herbalists Bathgate, a multi-disciplinary clinic

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Baños de Bosque en Chile

The Wellbeing Forest in Chile to take “medicine” from nature

Claudio Vasquez lives in Valdivia city, south Chile, one of the most beautiful and exotic landscapes in the world, where the valdivian jungle or andean-patagonian forest in mountains of dense green vegetation co-exist with many rivers that join the Pacific Ocean. Is in those landscapes that he owns the only “Wellbeing Forest” in the region.

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