What is Forest Therapy?

Difference between Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy Guides and Forest Bathing Guides are trained to lead groups through Forest Bathing or Forest Therapy sessions, while Forest Therapy Practitioners learn specific skills and techniques to use nature as a therapeutic tool to support individuals with specific needs conducting Forest Therapy Interventions, a type of Nature-based Intervention. While Forest Bathing is a nature-based practice aimed at reducing stress and promoting overall well-being, a Forest Therapy intervention operates on deeper levels to promote healing and is led by a Practitioner trained to work with nature as a therapeutic partner.

What is Forest Therapy?

Forest Therapy is a nature-based intervention that considers the specific needs of individuals and the natural and social environment in which they live. It approaches “health as the result of an adaptive process of the human being to his physical and social environment”. Forest Therapy aims to promote positive mental health states and enhance physical and social health by enhancing nature connectedness, interpersonal relationships and social cohesion.

Forest Therapy is underpinned by a multidisciplinary approach from fields such as planetary health, forest medicine, sociology, psychology, social work, emotional ecology, ecology and forestry, among others. Underpinned by this multidisciplinary approach, Forest Therapy can act as an adjunct to standard treatment and rehabilitation for specific illnesses.

What is the role of a Forest Therapy Practitioner?

The Forest Therapy Practitioner carries out interventions based on nature connection activities, including expressive arts and mindfulness-inspired activities to support positive health outcomes (treatment and rehabilitation). They collaborate, regardless of their academic training, with public and private institutions aimed at different types of populations (mental health, children, adolescents, social inclusion, sheltered, immigrants, etc.)

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