Vision & Mission

The Forest Therapy Hub (FTH) is a group of professionals from different countries who offer innovative and unique training programmes based on their actual applied professional experience and the practical implementation of scientific evidence.

Our Vision

A society that is aware of the connection between the health and wellbeing of people and the planet.

Our Mission

Mobilise and lead the interdisciplinary field of health and wellbeing practices based on nature and scientific evidence, promoting an interaction between people and nature that supports the restoration of their health and wellbeing.

Elements of our Mission:

Our Goals

Design and implement training programmes applicable to the professional practices of students in various fields, such as ecotourism, wellbeing  practices, coaching, social work and education, occupational therapy, preventive medicine and clinical treatment, among others.

Create, evaluate and consolidate models of nature-based interventions for specific groups.

Establish a solid international network of professionals to exchange knowledge, share experiences and support local traditions.

Our Partners

The partners of the Forest Therapy Hub  form a solid network of students and an extensive network of governmental entities, non-governmental and private organisations and research institutes around the world to exchange, share and support knowledge adapted to the social context and local traditions. If you want to be part of this network, we invite you to join us here.

Forest and Nature-based Solutions Workshop


Learn how to integrate the benefits of nature into your professional practice through evidence-based restorative experiences and interventions for mental health and wellbeing

Free Live Webinar

Empower your career with this Nature-Based Wellbeing Toolkit for Professionals

July 24th

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