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Pietro is a freelance professional working in the fields of Language Coaching, Forest Bathing and Group Dynamics. Following his early childhood years in Africa, he moved to the Italian Alps and has always lived in rural areas; a true extension of his comfort zone, this environment helps him build nature-based learning experiences for kids and adults.

He works with schools, banks, incentive travel agencies, professionals and families and has recently been assigned two teaching positions at a vocational high school operating in challenging contexts. During summertime he is usually involved in leading residential summer camps in the Alps, study vacations abroad, hiking trips, or enjoying free time to explore new pathways and spending time outdoors. Pietro has successfully organised and coordinated volunteer-based trail clean-ups in the Cervo Valley as a way of promoting physical, psychological and social health, to encourage interaction, and reduce isolation.

His engineering background hasn’t stopped him from exploring psychology, sociology and the human condition in general. His Forest Bathing approach relies on his intense and variegated lifestyle and his experience with people and is aimed at improving healthy relationships by healing and reinforcing self-esteem, empathy, hence reciprocity. His goal is to coach individuals, groups and organisations into learning and using their interpersonal skills to create a healthier and happier society for us humans and the natural environment we all depend on.

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