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Marta is a nurse and has completed a master’s degree in Tropical Medicine and International Health. She has been trained in emotional ecology, a concept based on managing our emotions sustainably and creatively, to improve as people, thus improving our relationships and the world we live in. She speaks French, Spanish, Catalan and English.

She has worked in the social and community sphere for more than ten years, focusing on relationships between people, accompanying them and promoting their resilience and their sense of belonging in the community.

Currently, she assumes the representation of the social sector in the Mesa de Salud Comunitaria (Community Health Table), which addresses unwanted loneliness, as well as other procedures in immigration and the reception of asylum seekers and international protection.

She has worked in local and regional administration, in programmes related to development cooperation. She has also evaluated and led nutritional and health projects in the NGO Acción Contra el Hambre (Action Against Hunger) in different countries, strengthening local public health systems and integrating programmes into existing structures.

In the field of teaching, she has given and organised training for the Barcelona College of Nursing, NGOs and local and supra-municipal entities.

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