FTHub In-person Immersive Training
FTHub In-person Immersive Training

FTHub In-person Immersive Training

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FTHub 3-day In-person Immersive Training in Nature

The 3-day in-person nature immersions with FTHub trainers are exclusively for students and FTHub Certified Guides and Practitioners, regardless of the year in which they obtained their certification. The 3-day immersions are meetups where you can:

  1. Practice the knowledge acquired.
  2. Establish a network of collaboration with other guides.
  3. Share your knowledge and experiences supporting the growth of the practice.
  4. Update your theoretical and practical knowledge.
  5. Connect with FTHub trainers.

All immersions start on Friday at 14:30 (2:30 pm) and end on Sunday at 17:30 (5:30 pm). If you have to arrive a little later or leave a little earlier, we understand. Travel, accommodation, meals or other expenses are not included in the cost.


Marta Grabowska


Pedro Trindade



The village of Urle lies among pine forests that create a unique microclimate, with good conditions for swimming and sunbathing. The specific climatic qualities of Urle were described by doctors from a tsarist garrison left there after the January Uprising, in 1863. Polish doctors of that time, who encouraged people with upper respiratory tract disorders to spend their holidays there, confirmed those qualities.


The Borawy Foundation, which runs the Oddechowo development centre in Urlach/Borzymach, near Warsaw, was established in 2014 by Michał Kiciński. Until 2018, revitalization and renovation work was carried out at the resort, thanks to which guests can now use renovated vacation homes and well-kept spaces (lounge and yurt), intended for various types of activities and workshops.

Shared rooms: 275 zł (Polish Zloty, PLN). This includes 3 meals per day.

Contact: Agnieszka (agnieszka.m@oddechowo.pl)


Please let the hotel know of any allergies, intolerance or special requirements, such as a specific diet or lactose or gluten-free products.

How to Get There

Address: al. prof. Jana Nielubowicza 6, 05-281 Borzymy, Poland

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Urle is located 70 km from Warsaw. You can get there by car or by train from Wileński Railway Station (you can buy a ticket for 13 zł from the conductor).

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