FTHub 3-day In-person Immersive Training in Nature

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The 3-day In-person Training is exclusively for:
With this training you will:

All immersions start on Friday at 10:00 (10 am) and end on Sunday at 13:00 (1 pm) (unless otherwise specified). If you have to arrive a little later or leave a little earlier, we understand, just let us know. Travel, accommodation, meals or other expenses are not included in the cost.


Dr Kirsten McEwan

United Kingdom

Alex Gesse



London boasts a surprising amount of greenery and natural beauty. Parks, gardens, and green spaces provide a tranquil space, like green pockets to reconnect with nature, breathe fresh air, and find moments of serenity.

These spaces are teeming with diverse plant and animal life, where foxes, hedgehogs, and an array of bird species live right in the heart of the city.


(more details coming soon)


(more details coming soon)

How to Get There


Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, or London City Airports. From these gateways, you can take express trains, buses, or taxis to your destination.

By train or bus:

London’s King’s Cross railway station, St Pancras, and Paddington provide excellent connections. You may choose coaches and long-distance buses that offer budget-friendly options for reaching London from other cities in the UK.

By car:

If you prefer driving, London is well-connected to major motorways like the M1, M4, M3, M2, and M25.

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