FTHub 3-day In-person Immersive Training in Nature

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FTHub 3-day In-person Immersive Training in Nature is exclusively for FTHub Guides and Practitioners currently in training or already certified (regardless of the year of certification). With this training you will:
All immersions start on Friday at 14:30 (2:30 pm) and end on Sunday at 17:30 (5:30 pm). If you have to arrive a little later or leave a little earlier, we understand. Travel, accommodation, meals or other expenses are not included in the cost.


Claudio Vásquez


Alex Gesse



In its beginnings (ca. 1860), the land on which the El Bosque Urban Park (PUEB) is located today, was part of the Huachocopihue Estate. In 2004, the Lemu Lahuen Ecological Committee (CELL) took charge of the park, which is currently open to the entire community. This group of neighbours and friends of nature set out to “protect and preserve the native flora and fauna, to deliver environmental and social values to the community, through education and recreation.”

A remnant of the Valdivian evergreen forest, its 12-hectare surface is home to a great diversity of flora due to the presence of different ecosystems, with ancient trees that provide habitat for epiphytes, climbers and other groups of plants. In total, 51 native plant species have been recorded so far. In turn, the wetland provides space for the conservation of species adapted to shallow freshwater or seasonal flooding areas. The type of forest corresponds to the oak-laurel-lingue association, a very scarce and altered type at present.

Thanks to the different plant structures and the different microhabitats in the park, you can find a great diversity of animal species, especially birds, amphibians, reptiles and insects. Birds are the easiest group to observe, with 55 species recorded to date.


There are several options in Valdivia. Some suggestions:
Hostal Amancay (450 m from the Park)
Aires Buenos Hostel
Mar-al Apartments


During the training, we will eat in the Park. It is recommended to bring a snack for half a day and bottles of water.

For dinner, there are numerous restaurants around, or half board can be requested in some of the accommodations.

Please let them know of any allergies, intolerance or special requirements, such as a specific diet or lactose or gluten-free products.

How to Get There

El Bosque Urban Park
∙ Address: Simpson 301, barrio El Bosque, Valdivia

From Valdivia, you can reach the Park by bus:
∙ Bus, lines 20 and 4.
Colectivos, line 110 green.

To get to Valdivia:
∙ By bus: book at (10-hour trip from Santiago).
∙ By plane: daily flights between Santiago airport and Pichoy Valdivia airport, with Jetmart, Lan Chile and Sky Airline. From the airport to Valdivia: taxi or buses (the average cost of the Van is $15,000 pesos).
∙ By car: Valdivia is accessed via the ruta costera (coastal route).

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