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Caitlin Keddie is a pioneer. A trainer and mentor in FTHub, she became the first certified Forest Bathing Guide in Scotland in 2017. She is passionate about mental health and she regularly facilitates Forest Bathing workshops and Forest Bathing walks to the public, corporate clients and government organizations. Caitlin co-owns Napiers the Herbalists Bathgate, a multi-disciplinary clinic and herbal dispensary, which strives to make natural medicine and health advice accessible to the local community. She shares her love and knowledge of plant medicine through her foraged tea ceremonies during her guided Forest Bathing walks. Caitlin is also a Forest Therapy Practitioner, founder of Forest Therapy Scotland, and is particularly interested in supporting groups with mental health and long term health conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, chronic Lyme disease and long Covid to improve their health through sensory connection with nature.


Why did you decide to train with this team?

I decided to train with the Forest Therapy Hub as the model they have developed is rooted in scientific evidence and the wider training team share a wealth of professionalism and experience in the field of Health & Wellness, especially with therapeutic interventions for specific populations. Since completing the training, I have noticed real benefits from implementing their techniques and sequence into my sessions with my clients and it enhanced my confidence as a practitioner.

What do you most enjoy when guiding a Forest Bathing walk?

Guiding a Forest Bathing walk is restorative for myself as well as my clients and is a fantastic practice to keep my mind and body healthy. The ability to share my love for the natural world through my work is truly a gift!

How do you connect your Forest Bathing Guide training with your professional field?

I co-own a traditional herbal dispensary and clinic in Central Scotland and find the work compliments my work and interests in western herbalism and the field of natural health and wellbeing as a whole. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of herbalism and plants through my foraged tea ceremonies which I offer at the end of my Forest Bathing sessions. It’s a great way to inspire others in learning more about the plant world and bringing people together as a community.

What is the current project where you develop Forest Bathing?

I am currently working to develop an online series of nature connection and forest bathing activities for those who are unable to access greenspaces due to chronic health conditions such as long covid, chronic lyme disease, anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue. I’m passionate about helping others find accessible ways of connecting with nature and receiving its many benefits and enabling them to improve their quality of life and health outcomes long term.

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