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8-day In-person Immersive Training
FTHub Forest Therapy Practitioner
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We offer expertly crafted Forest Therapy Practitioner Training to nurture your growth and expand your knowledge, combining expert teaching and exclusive one-to-one events.

Why train with the Forest Therapy Hub in Forest Therapy certification?


nationality network

Scientific evidence and professional experience put into practice

Bring out your best with inspiring leaders in the field, and integrate applicable techniques from Day One

A Method and Model endorsed by international leading experts:

Top Innovator | Forest and Health Challenge
World Economic Forum

8-day In-person Immersive Training
FTHub Forest Therapy Practitioner

Be inspired by world-leading psychologists, healthcare professionals, foresters, doctors, scientists, and practitioners

July 28 - August 4, 2024.


A holistic view of health

A training that gives you a holistic view of health and where you will learn methodologies and techniques to integrate into interventions.

Double certificate

With this training you will obtain a double certificate: FTHub Certified Forest Bathing Guide and FTHub Certified Forest Therapy Practitioner.

220 hours

Estimated time to complete the programme
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With this training you will be able to:

  • Get direct access to the knowledge gained in more than 30 pilot projects with different specific populations and life cycle stages.
  • Integrate nature connection techniques into your previous experience in clinical, social, and holistic interventions.
  • Discover a holistic vision of health that allows you to offer an integrative proposal in an alternative environment.
  • Advise on the integration of nature connection practices in daily life to stimulate the development of healthy lifestyles.
  • Design and implement Nature-based Well-being Plans.
  • Learn practical tools to design Nature Connection Activities and plan them in several sequences.
  • Integrate key skills using the FTHub Method and the Liquid Interactions Model to promote nature connectedness under the theoretical principles of human-nature interactions, scientific evidence and the conceptual framework of Planetary Health.
  • Develop new skills in your professional work and stay at the forefront of complementary therapeutic health practices.
  • Design organisational and emotional well-being experiences workshops to further your services offer.
  • Lead the way to change with the integration of knowledge, training and development of key competencies, using the FTHub Method.

Training Programme

Integrate skills through practical application with in-person support from trainers.

The training takes place at the Powell River Forest Therapy Station, an area in which the psycho-physiological benefits of Forest Therapy have been scientifically proven. It’s a leisure glamping site situated in the Qathet Regions District, boasting extensive forested areas and beach landscapes. In addition to its rich geographic and cultural resources, the Powell River area offers a variety of leisure and water activities, providing every guest with a perfect and romantic getaway experience.
· Address: 8139 Emmonds Rd, Powell River, BC V8A 4Z3.

Coastal Tranquility Cottage is located at Richmond Beach inside the Powell River Forest Therapy Station. This campground provides Wi-Fi, towels and bed linen.
· Studio Rooms are equipped with a queen bed, basic furniture, and a private 3-piece bathroom. The nightly rate for these rooms is CAD $185, including breakfast (excluding tax).
· Standard Shared Rooms feature two single beds, basic furniture, and a private 3-piece bathroom. The price for these rooms ranges from CAD $110 to CAD $140 per night, including breakfast (excluding tax).

Forest Therapy Station offers an on-site BBQ-style restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. For further details, please visit their official website.

The nearest airport is Powell River Airport, 15 miles from the Forest Therapy Station. You can take express trains, buses, or taxis to your destination. Fly from Vancouver (YVR) and arrive in Powell River (YRW) within 30 minutes. Find the flight schedules here. From here you can get around by car (30 minutes to Seal Bay) or public transportation
From Vancouver Airport, it takes about 5 hours of travel, alternating between ferry and car routes:
· From the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal in West Vancouver, take the ferry to Langdale on the Lower Sunshine Coast (40 minutes). Buy tickets here
· After disembarking, follow Highway 101 north through Sechelt to the end of the peninsula and the loading point for the second ferry at Earl’s Cove (90 minutes).
· From Earl’s Cove, take the ferry to Saltery Bay on the Upper Sunshine Coast (50 minutes). Buy tickets here
· After arriving at Saltery Bay, Powell River is a 30-minute drive north + another 30 minutes to Seal Bay.
(We recommend pre-booking your ferry tickets)

Transportation, accommodation and food costs are not included.

The training programme may be slightly modified due to weather conditions or force majeure. A detailed schedule will be provided to registered participants one month before the start of the training.

If you have any further questions or require assistance planning your accommodation and travel, please contact us at


9 am – 1 pm
1 pm – 2:30 pm
2:30 pm – 5:30 pm
6 pm – 7:30 pm
July 28   Welcome and Dinner
July 29Forest Bathing Walk 1 – Guide in Mediterranean Forests Module 1 – FTHub Conceptual Framework
Module 2 – Knowledge to Design Experiences in Nature
July 30Module 3 – Skills and Techniques to Guide Experiences in Nature
Module 4 – The Relation between Nature and People
Module 5 – The FTHub Method: Sequences
 Module 6 – The FTHub Method: Liquid Interactions Model 
July 31Forest Bathing Walk 2 – Guide in Urban Environments
Module 7 – Nature-based Well-being Plan
 Workshop 1 – Nature-based Well-being PlanDinner
August 1Forest Bathing Walk 3 – Guide in central European and subalpine forests Module 9 – Expressive arts in nature and Skills to Integrate Nature-based Well-being Practices into Professional ContextsDinner
August 2Module 7 – Social Prescribing and Green Prescription
Module 8 – Theories, Science and Scientific Research
Module 10 – Skills for Selecting Healthy Spaces: urban parks, green and aquatic environments
 Forest Bathing Walk 4 – Learning to GuideDinner
August 3Module 11 – Design of Forest Therapy Interventions
Module 12 – FTHub Nature-based Intervention model
Module 13 – Group dynamics: general well-being and link with clinical, social and holistic applications
Module 14 – Nature-based Expressive Arts as Intervention Tools
 Forest Bathing Walk 5 – Forest Therapy InterventionDinner
August 4Forest Bathing Walk 6 – Learning to Guide
Closure – Closing ceremony

* 20-minute coffee breaks will be provided during the content sessions.

3300 €

EARLY BIRD: 3,100 EUR | 3,400 USD

Until March 22

Payment Plan:
#1 Registration (deposit): 1,000 EUR | 1,075 USD
#2 April 30: 50% of remaining amount
#3 June 10: 50% of remaining amount

3300 €

Payment Plan:
#1 Registration (deposit): 1,000 EUR | 1,075 USD
#2 April 30: 50% of remaining amount
#3 June 10: 50% of remaining amount

Meet, share and learn from inspirational industry leaders in the heart of nature. All trainers and experts listed will be present in person during the training

Bring out your best with an interdisciplinary and multicultural team of the most experienced trainers and leading international experts in specific areas of knowledge, with whom you will learn Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy techniques and methodology inherent to the FTHub Method and the Liquid Interactions Model.

Nevin Harper

PhD | RCC | Nature-based Therapist


Dr Guangyu Wang

Ass. Dean & Prof. Univ. British Columbia


Rocío Ferraro

Communications Director


Alex Gesse

Executive Director


Erika DiPasquale

Hub Seedlings Manager


With this training you will learn:

Programme Contents

FTHub Certified Forest Therapy Practitioner Online Training combines theoretical content with practical experiences. The contents are distributed in 14 modules of 4 units each. You will receive these contents during the in-person training while also having access to the online learning platform.

  • Principles of health and their practical application.
  • Planetary Health: principles of health and its conditioning factors.
  • Path selection criteria in diverse natural environments, such as marine environments and rivers, forests, deserts and urban parks.
  • Risk analysis to create a safe environment for the participants.
  • Group management techniques and facilitation of dynamics that support the experience of the participants.
  • Methods and skills to communicate effectively with the participants.
  • Bodily components of connection.
  • Practical skills for an optimal bodily experience of connection with the environment.
  • Theoretical framework of the FTHub Walk Activities Sequences.
  • FTHub Walk Activities Sequences.
  • The Liquid Interactions Model: theoretical inspiration.
  • The Liquid Interactions Model: structure, science and themes to design nature connection activities.
  • From theory and science to practice: how to apply the theoretical foundations to the design of nature-based activities.
  • Conceptualise and design Nature-based Well-being Plans.
  • Integrate health and well-being practices under social prescribing and nature prescription.
  • Fundamentals of Forest Medicine: practical integration of the main benefits of nature in human health.
  • Scientific foundations and techniques to enhance your nature connectedness and support that of your participants.
  • Expressive arts: practical application in Forest Bathing.
  • Fundamental elements of organisational and emotional well-being nature-based experiences.
  • Knowledge about ecosystems and diversity, and their impact on well-being.
  • The steps and elements to be considered when designing a Forest Therapy intervention.
  • The life cycles model and the importance of the Liquid Interactions Model (LIM) in designing appropriate interventions.
  • Specific populations: vulnerable populations and mental health disorders and how Forest Bathing/Therapy can alleviate them, based on scientific studies.
  • FTHub Forest Therapy Intervention Programme.
  • Operationalised Forest Therapy Interventions grounded on 30 pilot research projects.
  • Programmes with intervention recommendations by Life Cycle and by Specific Populations following the FTHub Method.
  • Development of personal skills and resources to support the integration of experiences.
  • Expressive Arts in Nature for Forest Therapy interventions.
  • Intervention evaluation and scales.

Programme Bibliography

More than 340 references and scientific articles on which the FTHub Certified Forest Therapy Practitioner Online Training is based.


  1. Self-guided exercises: these serve as practical tools to integrate into your professional practice and as a self-reflective practice to internalise concepts.
  2. Guide two Forest Bathing Walks: to support the integration of techniques and the development of skills for the practical application of scientific evidence in health, well-being and nature connectedness.
  3. Design a Nature-based Well-being Plan: integrate the theoretical knowledge and the steps needed to design a nature-based well-being plan and implement it as a healthcare workshop or retreat for tourism.
  4. Design a Nature-based Intervention following the operationalised FTHub Intervention Programme grounded on the FTHub Method.

It is a certification requirement to have completed a training in:

  • “First Aid” or “Wilderness First Aid” (not included in the training fee).
  • “Mental Health First Aid” (included in the training fee).
  • You do not need to take these courses beforehand but can take them during your FTHub training.

3300 €

Payment Plan:
#1 Registration (deposit): 1,000 EUR | 1,075 USD
#2 April 30: 50% of remaining amount
#3 June 10: 50% of remaining amount

Additional Resources


Lifetime access to exclusive masterclasses led by renowned international experts from different fields on specific contents related to nature, health and well-being. Check the Lectures calendar here.

Dr Kirsten McEwan

PhD Psych | Research Psychologist, Univ. of Derby

United Kingdom

Nevin Harper

PhD | RCC | Nature-based Therapist


Kari Krogh

PhD Psychology


David Roland

PhD | Clinical Psychology


Tanya Ginwala

M.A. Psych | Experiential Edu. | Adventure and Nature-based Therapist


Daniela Silva-Rodríguez Bonazzi

Horticultural Therapist


Lis Leão

PhD | Senior Researcher | Full Prof. Health Sci. | Hosp. Israelita A. Einstein


Dr María Guadalupe Garibay Chávez

MSc Psych | PhD Psych | Res. Prof. Univ. Guadalajara


Martha Liliana Perdomo Ramirez

Bogota Botanical Garden


Dr Carlos A. Guzmán

Ass. Prof. Grad. School Univ. Maryland Baltimore

Costa Rica

Antoni Sanz

Ass. Prof. Univ. Autònoma Barcelona


Xavier Roget Padrosa

Advisor, Parks Network Diputació Barcelona


Why train as a Forest Therapy Practitioner with the Forest Therapy Hub?

With this training, you will obtain a double certificate:
FTHub Certified Forest Bathing Guide and FTHub Certified Forest Therapy Practitioner.

Participate in a quality training programme developed by international experts, adapted to each cultural context and in your language.

Training, interventions and workshops designed to gain competencies that support your professional development.

Practical experience with trainers and professionals focused on specific areas and with experience in integrating healthcare and interventions for different types of audiences (workplaces and medical assistance, among others).

Consolidate skills to guide in diverse natural environments, such as marine environments and rivers, forests, deserts and urban parks.

Which are the profiles that participate in this training?

  • Health professionals searching for the most up-to-date scientific knowledge, based on which to prescribe nature in an informed way.
  • Mental health professionals, who aspire to incorporate techniques and skills into their clinical practice by offering an integrative proposal in an alternative environment.
  • Ecotourism guides, well-being professionals (mindfulness, yoga, etc.) and forest school leaders who wish to integrate new practices into their offerings.
  • Educators, social workers and occupational therapists seeking new therapeutic environments that enhance healthy human bonds, promote inclusion and increase functional independence, among others.
  • Also, people who seek new professional paths with varied goals.

3300 €

Payment Plan:
#1 Registration (deposit): 1,000 EUR | 1,075 USD
#2 April 30: 50% of remaining amount
#3 June 10: 50% of remaining amount

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