Planetary Emergency Projects

FTHub’s commitment to the Planetary Emergency or Climate Emergency is based on our belief that a healthy human being is only possible on a healthy planet. We not only train people in ecologically responsible values as Forest Bathing Guides and Forest Therapy Practitioners. We also, as an organisation, act by example to care for and improve forests in the real world, as we believe that it is not behind a desk that we can make a difference.

These are some of our commitments for a healthier planet:

Damaged forest ecosystem restoration

Damaged forest ecosystem restoration

Country: Italy

Location: Fiemme Valley and others

Organisation: WOWnature / Etifor

Action: Growth and maintenance of 4 trees for each participant in FTHub training in Italy. Purchase and planting of young trees and their maintenance for 3 years starting from the planting day.

When: 2021 and onwards

Funding: EUR 24 per tree

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Ecosystem restoration and biodiversity conservation

Charcas de Biodiversidad, Ecoherencia

Ecosystem restoration and Biodiversity Conservation

Country: Spain

Location: Castellar de Santiago (Ciudad Real)

Organisation: Ecoherencia

Action: Construction of water points and ponds for amphibians and other fauna species in an agricultural farm. Maintenance and improvement of the ponds; replacement of auxiliary plants; placement of insect hotels and nests for birds; structural maintenance of the pond itself and placement of fences.

When: 2021-2022

Funding: EUR 2000

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