Vaishnavi Viswanathan is an entrepreneur and founder of 2 firms with 20+ years of experience as a Leadership Skills Facilitator, Expressive Art Therapy practitioner, Life Coach, and a Certified Forest Therapy Practitioner. She has conducted over 3000 leadership training programmes in organisations and has over 600 coaching hours with PCC certification. In her workshops and coaching she combines her knowledge and experience from Psychology, Philosophy, Art and Nature to provide a space for others to dive deep within, to discover their authentic self.

Vaishnavi founded „Nature Connections” with the purpose of connecting people to Earth’s intelligence and wisdom. She has been a pioneer in India in intuitively conducting Nature-based coaching and Leadership sessions for Corporate leaders. She has facilitated 70+ nature-based sessions for over 800 people in 8 cities in India and Mauritius, for corporations like IBM, Capgemini, LinkedIn, FFG Mag, etc., with a collaborative team of 12 people. She also received the Gifew Global Women Entrepreneur award in 2020.

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