Marta Ayats

Kierowniczka szkoleń

Marta is a nurse with a master’s degree in Tropical Medicine and International Health. She is also an expert in emotional ecology. She is fluent in French, Spanish, Catalan, and English.

In her current role as the Director of Training at FTHub, Marta oversees training programmes and ensures the effective implementation of the FTHub Method and the Liquid Interactions Model in the training and Forest Therapy Interventions. She is currently the most experienced international Forest Therapy trainer, having designed and conducted interventions for various populations, including mental health groups, individuals with intellectual disabilities, oncology patients, refugees, and victims of gender-based violence.

Additionally, Marta leads the research projects area at FTHub, taking responsibility for projects such as NATURELAB, a research project funded by the European Union with 6 million euros. As a speaker, she has participated in various events and regularly conducts masterclasses and courses at the Universidad Católica de Chile, the College of Nurses of Barcelona, as well as other public and private institutions.

Marta is a co-author of „Baños de Bosque: 50 Rutas Para Sentir La Naturaleza” (Petit Futé) and „The Present and Future of Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy” (Natureza, Clima e Saúde Pública, Editora dos Editores 2024). Marta is also the author of the 'WILD WHITE,’ an FTHub course specialised in Ecoemotions.

With over 10 years of experience in the national social and community field, Marta has also led health projects internationally for more than a decade at the NGO Acción Contra el Hambre in Africa and Central America. Her work aimed to strengthen local public health systems and integrate health and nutritional programmes into existing structures.

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