Lis Leão

PhD | Senior Researcher | Full Prof. Health Sci. | Hosp. Israelita A. Einstein

Lis Leão has a degree in Literature and Nursing. Specialist in Public Health and Education. She has a PhD in Adult and Elderly Health and a Postdoctoral in Human Sciences.

She has experience in guiding, developing and managing research projects of public interest with the Brazilian Ministry of Health (PROADI-SUS). She is currently a researcher at the Albert Einstein Teaching and Research Center in São Paulo, Brazil. She is a full professor of the Graduate Programme in Health Sciences at FICSAE, of the Professional Master’s Degree in Nursing and Health Education. Leader of the Research Group e-Natureza – Interdisciplinary Studies on Connection with Nature, Health and Well-being (CNPq).

Her professional activity is concentrated in the areas of research and teaching in Nature Connection and nature-based interventions for the promotion of health and human well-being and biodiversity conservation, Healthy Aging, Pain Control and Management; Integrative and Complementary Health Therapies. She is responsible for the New Knowledge and Innovations component of the Magnet Recognition and is responsible for the supervision of research projects in the Nursing and Multiprofessional fields of the Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein.

She is the coordinator of the subject Nature and Health of the Specialisation in Integrative Health and Wellness: Advanced Studies at Einstein and coordinator of the subject Forests and Human Wellness of the Graduate Program in Applied Ecology at ESALQ/USP.

She is an Associate Researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies of the University of São Paulo (Brazilian Chapter of the Alliance for Planetary Health). Member of the International Collaborative Council of the NATURELAB Horizon Europe Project, of the Committee of Experts in Health and Nature of the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health, and the World Commission on Protected Areas of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (WCPA – IUCN). Co-founder of Red Saúde and Natureza Brasil. She is also an expert and passionate nature and wildlife photographer.

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