Johanna Maluenda Terreros


Johanna Maluenda Terreros is a Social Educator, with a postgraduate degree in Family Intervention and Mediation and extensive experience in the field of health, well-being and care for people with disabilities.

She has been involved in the social and associative sphere since she was very young; she is an activist of the Third Sector. She has been developing her professional career for more than 15 years in the field of Mental Health, in AVIFES, a Biscayan association with a long history, which offers personalised support to people with mental illness and their families.

Her passion for nature, together with its impact on mental health, has led her to participate in projects led by AVIFES, such as the documentary „What if they told you that you could?”, pioneering research in the field of Forest Bathing and Mental Health such as „Forest Bathing: Impact on the Health of People with Mental Illness” or „Forest Bathing: Impact on the Health of Women with Mental Illness”, or to participate with the edition of some Forest Bathing walks in the book “Baños de Bosque: 50 Rutas Para Sentir La Naturaleza” (Forest Bathing: 50 Routes to Feel Nature) (Petit Futé).

Johanna uses nature as a tool for healthcare and health promotion.

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