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Forest Therapy Hub dostarcza standardów i prowadzi badania Kąpieli Leśnych i Terapii Lasem.

W tej sekcji masz dostęp do badań, raportów i dokumentów dotyczących umiejętności, wiedzy i doświadczenia niezbędnych do wdrożenia i rozwoju rozwiązań opartych na kontakcie z naturą. Materiały zostały opracowane we współpracy z organizacjami publicznymi i prywatnymi, organizacjami pozarządowymi, naukowcami, właścicielami lasów i profesjonalistami z różnych obszarów geograficznych.

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2022 – Standard of Key Strategies to Reduce Hazards Mitigate Risk and Monitor Safety

  • The aim of this report is to compile the techniques and strategies already used by professional Forest Bathing Guides and Forest Therapy Practitioners that try to reduce hazards, mitigate risks, assess and continue to monitor for safety. However, risks are always present, so the aim is to create a space that is ‘safe enough’ for people doing these activities.
  • The definition of this standard is based on research carried out in 21 countries with the participation of 106 Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy professionals.
  • FTHub selected relevant survey questions, analysed the survey results, and cross-checked outcomes in discussion with a team of FTHub trained professionals with backgrounds in psychology, psychotherapy, social work and ecopsychology. Additionally, a technical review has been conducted by three research professors with backgrounds in Psychology from University of Victoria (Canada), Derby University (UK) and Guadalajara University (Mexico).

2022 – Standard of Essential Characteristics of Healthy Green Spaces

  • The objective of this report is to define a standard of essential characteristics found in green spaces where Forest Bathing guides and Forest Therapy practitioners usually carry out nature-based health and well-being activities.
  • The definition of this standard derives from research carried out in 21 countries with the participation of 107 Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy professionals.
  • This document will help organisations – public or private entities – in verifying if a green space has the essential characteristics for a Forest Bathing and/or Forest Therapy itinerary.

2018 – Forest Bathing: Impact on the Health of People with Mental Illness

The results of the final report refer to the benefits on the health status of people who have participated in the Forest Bathing sessions implemented in the project:

  • Positive trends in the measurements of the impact of Forest Bathing on people with mental illness in dimensions such as emotional well-being, interpersonal relationships, community inclusion.
  • Significant improvement in the maintenance of a favorable mood and in the regulation of anxiety and stress.
  • Improvement in the symptomatology of mental illness, especially that related to reluctance and lack of motivation.
  • Greater impact on people suffering from mood disorders: depression, bipolar disorder.
  • In both genders the results have been positive, although in women the benefit has been greater.
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