Horizon Europe finansuje projekt Naturelab

The Forest Therapy Hub z radością informuje, że projekt NATURELAB został sfinansowany przez Horizon Action Grant Budget-based. Horizon Europe jest flagowym programem Unii Europejskiej w zakresie badań i innowacji, częścią wieloletnich ram finansowych UE (MFF) z budżetem 95,5 mld euro. Naturelab otrzymał maksymalną kwalifikację (15/15). NATURELAB przyczyni się do zwiększenia rozpoznawalności, promowania i wykorzystania zielonych


FTHub is now member of the Planetary Health Alliance

The Planetary Health Alliance is a coalition of 250+ member institutions from 50+ countries – supported by a small staff team based at Harvard University, a Steering Committee of international experts, ten PHA Regional Hubs, global fellows, volunteers, and ambassadors; and thousands of individual supporters. FTHub has based the trainings and its mission on Planetary


Strategic collaboration agreement between meHRs and Forest Therapy Hub

We welcome this strategic collaboration agreement between meHRs and Forest Therapy Hub to develop lines of research and intervention related to the benefits of natural environments on the mental health and emotional well-being of the working population. Valuing, promoting and protecting people’s mental health within the work environment is a key objective for organizations in


Welcome to the I Global Summit Science, Nature and Health

The Diputació de Barcelona (Barcelona Provincial Council) and Forest Therapy Hub celebrate the I Global Summit Science, Nature and Health on March 29-30 2023, which will take place from morning to evening in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. The I Global Summit will offer talks in 20 Modules distributed in two days with a


Forest Bathing for Adults with intellectual disabilities: a feasibility study grounded on the FTHub Method

„A Forest Bathing Intervention in Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: A Feasibility Study Protocol” released by the University of Navarra researchers opens new doors to research and standardization for trainings. It not only shows the FTHub Method in action but also roots it in the practice of Forest Therapy interventions. The study is based on a


Enhancing the Forest Therapy field: collaboration agreement with the University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia Multidisciplinary Institute of Natural Therapy and Forest Therapy Hub (FTHub) celebrated an agreement of cooperation to enhance the research and the development of standards for the Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy practice.  The agreement sets the basis to sharing information and research to advance the application and implementation of projects,

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