NATURELAB Consortium Meeting in Germany Marks Crucial Step in Advancing Nature-Based Therapy

The NATURELAB Project has successfully held its inaugural consortium meeting in Germany, emphasizing its commitment to creating and validating nature-based therapeutic programs for various health conditions. This ambitious project will offer NBT evidence-based content to 600 professionals and involve approximately 4,000 participants at 15 sites and 4 demonstrator fellows across Peru, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal,


Contributing to the Well-being of the Territory: FTHub Forest Therapy Practitioner Summer School in collaboration with the Natural Spaces and Green Infrastructure Area of the Diputació de Barcelona

The FTHub Forest Therapy Practitioner Summer School is an academic and human experience of international level that Forest Therapy Hub, in collaboration with the Area of Natural Spaces and Green Infrastructure of the Diputació de Barcelona, will develop from July 7 to 14 in Barcelona, Spain. A distinguished group of international academics and experts will


International Collaboration for Erasmus’ EcoMind Initiative in Higher Education

Recent research highlights the alarming decline in mental health and well-being across diverse social groups, including university students, attributable to a growing disconnection from natural ecosystems. In response, there is a pressing call to integrate an “EcoMind” mindset into education. In light of these findings, this project involves collaborative efforts from Slovenia, Latvia, Portugal, and


Bridging Borders: Insights from the II Global Summit on Science, Nature, and Health

Coorganized by the Diputació de Barcelona and Forest Therapy Hub, the II Global Summit Science, Nature, and Health recently concluded with remarkable success, featuring 66 speakers from over 25 countries who explored topics on research, ecology, mental health, forestry, forest bathing and forest therapy, among others. Notable presentations included Xavier Roget’s unveiling of the Strategic


Strategic alliance with Bogota Botanical Garden: FTHub consolidates its position as the most extensive network of Guides and Practitioners

In a pioneering collaboration between the Botanical Garden of Bogota in Colombia and the Forest Therapy Hub, a training process has been successfully completed for 50 professionals from the District, marking a historic milestone in offering therapeutic options for citizens. FTHub consolidates itself as the leading international training and research organization in nature-based wellness practices, in


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and FTHub celebrate a Strategic Alliance for Well-being

Two institutions with common goals in research, teaching and development join forces to explore the transformative impact of Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy on mental health and emotional well-being. Increasingly, science is studying the positive effects of interaction with nature, especially Forest Therapy and Forest Bathing. These activities promote health, strengthen social bonds and foster

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