Partnership UC Chile and FTHub

Milestone partnership for research and training with UC in Chile

In an exciting move towards fostering advancements in the field of Forest Therapy, the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (“UC|Chile”) and the Forest Therapy Hub have formally announced a strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to leverage their shared interest in the interdisciplinary area of forest therapy, leading to enhanced efforts and increased efficiency in the field.

A notable aspect of the agreement is that FTHub team members will be part of the UC course „Forests and Society„, and will train in Forest Bathing UC professors and students.

The areas of cooperation involve various aspects of Forest Therapy research and development in Chile and it will explore opportunities for joint participation in national and international research.

Information exchange and sharing of research-related outcomes are integral to the collaboration, with the aim of advancing Forest Therapy implementation in Chile and beyond. Both institutions plan to organize and support events, fostering a better understanding of Forest Therapy practices within the academic and student community.

This milestone partnership holds promise for the future of forest therapy, as it brings together the expertise and resources of two esteemed institutions, driving progress and innovation in this vital field.

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