Reduced training fee

Join the Celebration… get a reduced training fee!

Celebrate with the Forest Therapy Hub becoming a Forest Bathing Guide at a reduced training fee!   

Nature-based practices to restore people’s health are becoming more and more necessary all over the world. It is FTHub’s wish to extend Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy to as many people as possible, to give them new tools for connecting with nature and  restore their physical and mental health.

It is possible that in your country these practices are not carried out professionally. If this is the case, this message is for you.

To celebrate that Forest Therapy Hub guides and practitioners’ network is working in 40 countries, FTHub will offer a limited number of training vacancies at a reduced rate to expand the practice in each community.

Look at the list of countries/states with FTHub Guides/Practitioners. If the country or (for Mexico, USA and Australia) state where you live is not there, you are an eligible candidate to access one of the following trainings at a fee of 1200 euros.


How does the FTHub Celebration work?

First-come, first-served, the first candidate that applies and meets the requisites gets the vacancy.

Vacancies available: 10 in total for all countries/states.


What steps should I follow?

Apply for one of the following trainings:



Please write “CELEBRATION” in the application form section ‘Is there any other information that you would like us to know about?” and details of the projects that you are developing

If you are accepted into the programme, you will have 5 days to formalize your application on the mentioned trainings.


Look at FTHub Network Map and Be the First! 

Each tree is a FTHub guide location. Plant your tree!

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