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Strategic alliance with Bogota Botanical Garden: FTHub consolidates its position as the most extensive network of Guides and Practitioners

In a pioneering collaboration between the Botanical Garden of Bogota in Colombia and the Forest Therapy Hub, a training process has been successfully completed for 50 professionals from the District, marking a historic milestone in offering therapeutic options for citizens. FTHub consolidates itself as the leading international training and research organization in nature-based wellness practices, in the most extensive Spanish-speaking network of Forest Bathing Guides and Forest Therapy Practitioners.

The network’s professionals extend from Patagonia to Spain, integrating Latin communities from the United States and several European countries. FTHub’s English, Italian, French and Polish-speaking networks cover more than 70 countries including Asia and Oceania. The strategic collaboration with the Botanical Garden of Bogota stands as the flagship of these practices in Colombia.

The in-person immersions, part of the Botanical Garden’s Nature, Health and Culture program, were held from November 27-29, under the direction of Alex Gesse, Claudio Vasquez and Marta Battaini, trainers of the FTHub. This avant-garde process will allow participants to apply scientific knowledge in nature, health and wellness in a practical way.

Martha Liliana Perdomo Ramirez, director of the Botanical Garden of Bogota, stressed the importance of this unique and advanced training in the vision of building a city where inhabitants develop a culture of caring for themselves, each other and the environment in natural areas.

At the conclusion of the immersions, participants will be trained to advise on the integration of nature connection practices in daily life and use practical tools to design nature connection activities.

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