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Feeling nature: a book with 50 trails for Forest Bathing

It is a unique book for many reasons. A conjoined work of Forest Bathing and Forestry professionals with which readers will “travel” to every landscape with sensory cues for health and well-being, but also scientific references.

Forest Bathing: 50 trails to feel nature” (Alhenamedia), was coordinated by Alex Gesse (Director at Forest Therapy Hub, FTHub), and Gorka Altuna (Degree in Forestry Engineering, technician at the Union of Silviculturists of Southern Europe, USSE, and FTHub advisor), also written by Forest Bathing Guides and Forest Therapy Practitioners who know each trail as very few do.

From Basque Country to the Canary Islands in Spain, every guide presents a trail that describes and facilitates the Forest Bathing experience, noticing the features of every landscape, details that would go unnoticed by trekkers or hikers, aiming to encourage this nature-based well-being practice that dives the senses into the natural world.

The Guide’s work

The book covers 50 Forest Bathing trails all over Spain, and the routes were chosen with delicate intention by these professional Guides that open their home’s door for the readers: the forests they work in. “It is a practice that allows sensory connection with the natural world and also urban forests, within trails of short distances ”, said Alex Gesse to the Spanish newspaper El País.

This is the first travel guide related to Forest Bathing, crafted with the perspective of respect for natural landscapes. As each Guide approaches each forest scientifically, they also address their personal encounter with the forest with detailed knowledge, after hours and days of nature immersion, in different seasons and moments, thanks to the experience of guiding many people on Forest Bathing walks, a health and well-being practice of pure connection with the natural world.

About Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is a deep immersion of the five senses in nature. This is Shinrin Yoku, created in Japan as a Public Health policy to reduce the severe stress levels in their population. And it spread all over the world.

Scientific studies endorse that this immersion in the forest in slow aware ways enhances the immune system, reduces stress and promotes general well-being.

Once you get into a forest led by these guides’ suggestions, you will undergo a totally new way of experiencing nature, a present and conscious mode that stays with you forever.

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