Kodeks etyczny

Nasze wartości

  • Pokora

    Zdajemy sobie sprawę, iż nie znamy wszystkich rozwiązań i musimy współpracować z różnymi grupami, aby doprowadzić do zmiany społecznej.

  • Zaangażowanie

    Tworzenie społeczeństwa, które równoważy rozwój człowieka i prawa przyrody.

  • Innowacje

    Opieranie się na badaniach naukowych, dociekliwość, wybór i zastosowanie najbardziej wiarygodnych dowodów naukowych.

  • Wdzięczność

    Za mądrość przodków, tradycje i różnorodne kultury od których uczymy się każdego dnia.

  • Wzajemność

    Inwestowanie zasobów w działania lokalne na rzecz małych społeczności.

  • Integracja

    Poprzez tworzenie miejsc pracy, szkolenia, dostępność naszych programów i niwelowanie nierówności społecznych.

  • Pasja i współczucie

    Jako główne bodźce do zmiany.

Forest Therapy Hub

Code of Ethics and Professional Standards

The FTH Code of Ethics and Professional Standards are the basic values and principles shared by all professionals who work at or have been trained with the Forest Therapy Hub. These are essential to lead this practice by promoting standards of professional excellence and guaranteeing a positive relationship between professionals and society.


Who does the code apply to?

The Code of Ethics and Professional Standards guides our daily work. The code applies to all workers, students and partners, as well as independent contractors. We also expect third parties who work with us to follow similar ethical standards.

The Code of Ethics and Professional Standards guides our daily work.

  • Wages and working hours: staff is paid and we are committed to complying with all applicable wage and working hours laws and regulations.
  • Laws and regulations: we are committed to fully complying with the laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which we operate.
  • Operations: we comply with all country-specific legal requirements.
  • Insurance: activities are covered by liability and accident insurances, following the country’s legislation.
  • Taxes: we pay all taxes following the tax regulations of the countries where we operate.
    Competition: the goal is to create a network of partners where people are encouraged to work together.

All employees have the right to work in an environment free from harassment, bullying and discrimination, in all its forms, including:

  • Mental, emotional or physical marginalization and exclusion.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Unwelcome remarks, gestures, or physical contact.
  • Offensive or derogatory jokes or comments (explicit or implicit).
  • Verbal or physical abuse or threats.

We actively create and promote an environment that includes all sorts of people and their unique abilities, strengths and differences, and promotes diversity as a strategic advantage for the organization.

We respect the diversity among ourselves, third parties and everyone else with whom we interact.

Within the organization, transparency is considered a business priority and key to performance. We aspire to be open and transparent about how we operate to earn and retain the trust of our students, employees, partners and other stakeholders.


  • Embodies honesty and open communication.
  • Am I being honest with myself about the actions I’m taking?
  • Is the organization being upfront and visible about the actions it takes? Are those actions consistent with its values?

We strive to create a physically, financially and emotionally safe environment, where there is no fear of raising or disclosing difficult issues for employees, subcontractors and partners.

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