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Forest Bathing for teams and companies: when nature empowers learning processes

Domenec Romera i Cot studied Economics. His soul is full of theater, good living, passion for nature and family, and a special gift with people. A wonderful formula for his role as a specialist in team management „through reconnection capsules, with transformative outdoor experiences that generate opportunities to recognize, share, co-create and co-learn as a team, rediscover talent and reconnect through immersion in nature”.

He introduces himself as an ICF Executive and Team Coach, FTHub Forest Bathing Guide and systemic facilitator. He reveals his tips and leaves advice with uncommon generosity, which I recommend you enjoy below.

„With the (FTHub) training I began to see that it gave much more meaning to everything I was doing through coaching and nature. Because it brings people to a state that is there imbued in our DNA. We are nature. And why not claim that origin. When I went to the FTHub Immersive Training in Urkiola (Spain), that was beastly because the environment is spectacular. When the environment accompanies, the learning is greater.

„Of all the Forest Bathing walks and experiences I’ve done with clients, with companies, I don’t remember any that wasn’t super powerful. People have been able to return to the essence, to feel comfortable, and to feel comfortable sharing. In the last one we did, four of them talked about 'enlightenment’, something 'revelatory’.

Working with care, with affection, you can accompany people better, but you have to create an environment of trust and an environment of well-being. From there it’s up to the team to decide what to do, whether they want to make the most of it, or not. The first thing we do is a partnership to get everyone to feel free to say, to be and to do.”

„And people leave with a 'thank you.’ Because conversations pop up, things happen, because different places offer different conversations. And they solve problems that they weren’t able to address in their usual space, so it’s very enriching.”

Working with teams, allowing vulnerability

„What I do is a Forest Bathing start to be connected, a body scan. So then they’ve already connected, they’re already grounded. They already let themselves go more. One of the participants has felt her mother in a strawberry tree in front of her. 'I was able to connect with my mother in that moment of tranquility, of pause,’ she said, crying with emotion. And that moment, too, must be held.

„Sometimes I have to hold back emotion and not fall into sympathy. We must promote empathy. When we make the alliance, one of the concepts I always mark is vulnerability. Because in teams, vulnerability is often frowned upon. Vulnerability understood as delegating, recognizing that I don’t know how to do this, saying that I was wrong, that is showing vulnerability, and that is a virtue. Acknowledging your shortcomings puts you in a different place in the team. And we work on that a lot.

Team building is reinforcing the team through these experiences. I do a scan of the group before working with them and see where to work to improve it, and sometimes they tell you. In my new project I go beyond Team Building„.

First-hand know-how

„So how do I set up a session with a team? First I talk to the client and ask them why they want to do what they want to do. Having a good time is not enough. Then we detect what they want to change.

It is interesting for the Guides to let themselves flow. They should take everything from this training that is so good, so rich and that really brings a lot, and let it flow. Put together your toolbox, have your Mary Poppins bag, allow trial and error by putting the focus on the need, in my case, of the client.

„If it’s worked because people have enjoyed it or interesting little things have come out, that’s how you’re going to grow too. Don’t be afraid to try things. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes”.

What is nature for you

„I had a very free childhood, and whenever I think of nature I think of childhood, of family. Whenever we could, there was always a fire burning in the middle of the tents, where we camped with other families. I miss that. Nature is the social, the liquid interactions. Hiking with family, going out in the mountains with friends, and doing sports, skiing with friends and family. Going to the Alps a lot, because you feel really small there.

„When I create dynamics with teams, I always want to bring in fire. The tribes told the stories around the fire. So we either welcome or say goodbye with fire, some muscatel wine and some nuts. Always keep that in mind.

„I went to university for Economics, after a while I settled down and went to finish my Diploma in The Netherlands. And since then I’ve been working. Always for others, as an employee until 2015, when I got fired from my job after 13 years.

„The truth is that I did very, very well creating my own company. I’m good at leading teams, I’m empathetic, I take confidence fast and I know how to create that climate, then I did the Master of Coaching for Management Development and Emotional Intelligence and just at that moment, I don’t know how, FTHub appeared.”

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