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New alliance for Biodiversity restoration and conservation 

In the midst of the planetary emergency, FTHub has decided that helping to stop the environmental meltdown is fundamental in forming partnerships with agencies, governments or entities, as part and extension of its pedagogical, researching and methodological work on nature-based activities and interventions. 

FTHub and Ecoherencia join in a unique collaboration for Ecosystem restoration and Biodiversity Conservation

Ecoherencia is an organisation that has been working for more than 8 years on the renaturalisation of agrosystems, on restoring to agricultural systems the biodiversity that naturally accompanied them before the so-called “green revolution”.

The aim is to bring the innumerable benefits of biodiversity to agricultural farms, to restore and promote plant and animal species present on these sites. Thanks to Forest Therapy Hub, Ecoherencia will build a water point (pond for amphibians and other wildlife species) on a production farm in Castellar de Santiago (Ciudad Real), Spain.

This collaboration covering the years 2021 and 2022 is funded by FTHub to carry out actions in this county, which already has a network of 7 ponds built and several farms identified to continue with the creation of other water points.  The exact location will be determined by the Ecoherencia team of professionals and will be a decision shared with the FTHub team.  

We believe that accompanying the Guides by example is of vital importance. To inspire as well as to educate.  And helping an ecosystem to recover its health, giving back its own right to biodiversity, is perhaps the best legacy we can leave as an organisation, apart from the “human forest” of Guides and Practitioners willing to improve people’s health through nature.

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