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Forest Bathing for Adults with intellectual disabilities: a feasibility study grounded on the FTHub Method

A Forest Bathing for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: A Feasibility Study Protocol” released by the University of Navarra researchers opens new doors to research and standardization for trainings.

It not only shows the FTHub Method in action but also roots it in the practice of Forest Therapy interventions.

The study is based on a training model that FTHub has developed and it shows the relevance of the benefits of forest bathing on the physical and psychological health of adults with intellectual disabilities.

An 11-weekly session programme led by FTHub-trained Guides deploying the FTHub Method that includes a training framework for professionals working with specific populations.

As it is described, the study offers “an opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities to benefit from a forest bathing intervention and explore its effects not only on their quality of life, but also on the improvement in their physiological and psychological state”.

The research was released by Department of Community, Maternity and Pediatric Nursing, School of Nursing of University of Navarra; IdiSNA, Navarra Institute for Health Research, Department of Environmental Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Navarra, and Grupo de Humanidades Ambientales in Spain.

The FTHub professionales who trained the guides and supported the intervention are Alex Gesse, Executive Director, and Marta Ayats, Training Manager.

This feasibility study offers a promising and innovative strategy to promote health in adults with intellectual disabilities from a universal and positive approach and involves an essential step to explore crucial aspects for a future full-scale trial.

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