FTHub 3 Giorni Formazione On-site Immersiva nella Natura
FTHub 3 Giorni Formazione On-site Immersiva nella Natura
FTHub 3 Giorni Formazione On-site Immersiva nella Natura
FTHub 3 Giorni Formazione On-site Immersiva nella Natura
FTHub 3 Giorni Formazione On-site Immersiva nella Natura

FTHub 3 Giorni Formazione On-site Immersiva nella Natura

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FTHub 3 Giorni Formazione On-site Immersiva nella Natura

Le immersioni presenziale nella natura di 3 giorni con istruttori FTHub sono riservate agli studenti che stanno studiando e alle Guide e Professionisti certificati da FTHub, indipendentemente dall’anno in cui hanno ottenuto la certificazione. Le immersioni di 3 giorni sono incontri in cui puoi:

  1. Praticare le conoscenze acquisite.
  2. Stabilire una rete di networking per collaborazioni con altre guide.
  3. Condividere le tue conoscenze ed esperienze a sostegno della crescita della pratica.
  4. Aggiornare le tue conoscenze teoriche e pratiche.
  5. Connettersi con i trainer FTHub.

Tutte le immersioni iniziano il venerdì alle 14:30 (2:30 pm) e terminano la domenica alle 17:30 (5:30 pm). Se devi arrivare un po’ più tardi o partire un po’ prima, capiamo. Il costo non include viaggi, alloggio, vitto o altre spese.


Pedro Trindade


Alex Gesse



A must-see in the heart of São Miguel Island, inside of Furnas Valley, Terra Nostra Garden dates back to 1775, when American merchant Thomas Hickling fell in love with Furnas and decided to create the perfect relaxation haven, which still seduces every visitor today.

Aside from its large collection of Camellias and other rare species, the park surrounding Terra Nostra Garden Hotel is known worldwide for its thermal pool, filled with volcanic water from the hot springs at a steady 40° C (104° F). The water is rich in iron and other minerals highly beneficial for the skin, creating complete and unparalleled relaxation.

At Terra Nostra Garden, you can also find some architectural treasures, romantically inspired, such as the Ginkgo Biloba Avenue, and lose yourself in pure magic. Access to the Garden is free for guests of Terra Nostra Garden Hotel, where one can also experience an unforgettable thermal bath.

Terra Nostra Garden is a world reference for plant lovers and has been awarded by Condé Nast Traveller in its “Best Green Retreats” category.


Terra Nostra Garden Hotel
This iconic Azores hotel has been creating relationships since 1935. The hotel is also recognized by the Garden’s thermal pool, an ex-libris of the Azores. More than a hotel and a garden, it is a destination, an icon of São Miguel and the Azores, which provides unique and memorable experiences to those who visit it.

∙ Single Room: € 172 night
∙ Single Garden View Room: € 212 night
∙ Double Room: € 212 night
∙ Double Garden View Room: € 219 night

For participants to enjoy these prices, they must send their reservation request to the address reservas@bhc.pt and mention the code BHC_MISTYISLANDS23.

To guarantee the reservation, participants must prepay 1 night of their stay, and the remaining payment can be made at the hotel. If for any reason the participants want to cancel the reservation, they can do so 7 days before check-in, free of charge. In case participants want longer stays, the conditions remain the same.

I pasti

Meals at the hotel:
∙ Breakfast included.
∙ Lunch and dinner – between € 30€ and € 34 (without drinks).

Please let them know of any allergies, intolerance or special requirements, such as a specific diet or lactose or gluten-free products.

Come arrivare

SATA International is the airline of the Azores and connects the archipelago to the European and American continents. There are regular connections to many capitals, so it will be extremely easy for you to reach the Azores.

TAP is Portugal’s largest air carrier, connecting Portugal to several hundred destinations worldwide. If you want to look for the served airport closest to you, just visit the company’s website.

EasyJet and Ryanair are the “low cost” alternatives to reach the Azores. Ryanair ensures daily flights from Lisbon, some weekly flights from Porto and a weekly flight from London. EasyJet ensures connections from Lisbon three times a week and four times a week in the high season.

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