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FTHub 3 Giorni Formazione On-site Immersiva nella Natura

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FTHub 3 Giorni Formazione On-site Immersiva nella Natura

Le immersioni presenziale nella natura di 3 giorni con istruttori FTHub sono riservate agli studenti che stanno studiando e alle Guide e Professionisti certificati da FTHub, indipendentemente dall’anno in cui hanno ottenuto la certificazione. Le immersioni di 3 giorni sono incontri in cui puoi:

  1. Praticare le conoscenze acquisite.
  2. Stabilire una rete di networking per collaborazioni con altre guide.
  3. Condividere le tue conoscenze ed esperienze a sostegno della crescita della pratica.
  4. Aggiornare le tue conoscenze teoriche e pratiche.
  5. Connettersi con i trainer FTHub.

Tutte le immersioni iniziano il venerdì alle 14:30 (2:30 pm) e terminano la domenica alle 17:30 (5:30 pm). Se devi arrivare un po’ più tardi o partire un po’ prima, capiamo. Il costo non include viaggi, alloggio, vitto o altre spese.


Sang Ok Kim

Hong Kong

Alex Gesse



The training immersion will take place in a remote lush part of Lantau Island (Hong Kong), in the quiet local village area of Mui Wo. Surrounded by beaches and mountains, you will find unique local spots including Silvermine cave, a waterfall and open field areas, where local water buffalos and cows roam around freely and peacefully in nature. This will be the place of our training, among nature, animals and butterflies, where we can connect to simple nature experiences.

Craft Junk Garden. This is one of the training sites, where we will be based for the 2-days immersion. Located in the quiet area of the village, this private garden space focuses on sustainable education and learning for both the local Mui Wo community and the wider public of Hong Kong. We look forward to welcoming you to this space of tranquillity and cosiness of nature.


The Little Keeper, the retreat sanctuary:
∙ Luk Tei Tong Village, Mui Wo, Lantau Island.
∙ Single guest room, full board: HKD 1200 (per person, day).
∙ Single attic room, full board: HKD 800 (per person, day).
∙ Includes vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner.
∙ Regular check-in time is Saturday at 10:00 (10 am) and check-out time is Sunday at 20:00 (8 pm).
∙ Complimentary Friday evening stay is available upon request.

For reservations, please contact:
∙ Valerie (DM on IG directly)

I pasti

Option 1: vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner included if staying at “The little Keeper”.

Option 2: Healthy lunch and dinner options available at Craft Junk Garden or an indoor space, from Pause Café (150 HKD per meal including a light dish and a drink).

Please let us know of any allergies, intolerance or special requirements, such as a specific diet or lactose or gluten-free products.

Come arrivare

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To get to Mui Wo, take the ferry from Pier 6 at Central (Hong Kong). Either take the slow (50 min) or fast (30 min) ferry. Sang Ok will meet you at the pier of Mui Wo and take you to the Craft Junk Garden.

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