Vivian Winterhoff


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Vivian spent years in the world of economics, studying economic geography and environmental economics and ending a 10-year administrative career at the London School of Economics as the manager of a research centre in financial markets. At that point, she embarked on a Masters in Ecological Design Thinking to shift her life towards her deep passion for nature. Vivian speaks English, German, French, Portuguese and rusty Spanish.
Since 2016, she has been training in Somatic practices (Body Mind Centering, Sensory Awareness and Elsa Gindler’s “Arbeit am Menschen”). In her business, Joy in Movement, Vivian guides sensory movement meditations to help entrepreneurs find relief from stress, and to find focus, clarity, and creativity through gaining a deeper connection with nature, starting with their own bodies. She is passionate about the need for people to take regular breaks as part of an essential regime of self-care. In her view and experience, rest is an essential element of being productive at and fulfilled by work.
As a child Vivian started writing a book about the forest and taking photographs of trees with her first camera. She has had a lifelong intimate connection with wood and trees, so it was only natural to add the FTHub’s formal forest bathing guide certification to her toolkit. She enjoys exploring the intertwining of Forest Bathing with a more intimate knowledge of one’s unique human body through Somatics and the inner wisdom, release and joy that emanates from such practices.

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