Susan Andrien


Susan Andrien LMFT is the Clinical Director of the Destiny Arts Center, Co-Host of The Awakening Educator Podcast and the founder of Hope Reimagined, a Mental Health & Educational Support Services organisation with a mission to better support communities, schools and families to be relationally rich environments.

With 25 years of experience working with children and families, she has developed a framework grounded in Healing Centered Engagement, which integrates several core principles of neurodevelopment and nature connection, with an emphasis on the impact of intergenerational trauma and systems of oppression.

Susan works with individuals and communities to help match the nature and timing of specific therapeutic techniques, including access to movement arts and nature connection, to promote healing and well-being.

She is an active participant in the Restorative Justice/Practices movement working with the community to heal harms caused by conflict, violence and systems of oppression. Susan is committed to providing strength-based and culturally affirming mental health treatment and well-being support to children, families and their communities.

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