Katarzyna Khanna

Marketing | MA Design per la comunicazione Univ. Westminster

Katarzyna Khanna is a seasoned marketing specialist with a diverse and accomplished background. She earned her undergraduate degree in Journalism with Cultural Studies from Kingston University and holds a master’s degree in Design for Communication from the University of Westminster in London. With over a decade of experience running her own successful marketing firm, Katarzyna has become an expert in social media management and online advertising.

In 2023, Katarzyna followed her passion for nature and became a Certified Forest Bathing Guide and Forest Therapy Practitioner. She now lives in the Beskidy mountain region of Poland, where she integrates her expertise in marketing with her deep interest in ecopsychology, deep ecology, the theory of evolution, and spirituality. Currently, she is furthering her studies at The School of Integrated Ecopsychology.

Katarzyna is dedicated to helping others reconnect with nature. She organises numerous development workshops in natural settings to overcome the illusion of disconnection and foster a deeper connection with the environment. Her work reflects a unique blend of professional marketing insight and a profound commitment to holistic and ecological well-being.

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