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NATURELAB Consortium Meeting in Germany Marks Crucial Step in Advancing Nature-Based Therapy

The NATURELAB Project has successfully held its inaugural consortium meeting in Germany, emphasizing its commitment to creating and validating nature-based therapeutic programs for various health conditions. This ambitious project will offer NBT evidence-based content to 600 professionals and involve approximately 4,000 participants at 15 sites and 4 demonstrator fellows across Peru, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, and Greece.

With a €5.9 million budget from the Horizon Action Grant, NATURELAB, spearheaded by LNEC, aims to establish standardized intervention programs for different demographics and green spaces. This project leverages green and blue spaces to enhance healthcare, supporting well-being, health prevention, and rehabilitation. The consortium consists of 14 international entities, with Forest Therapy Hub (FTHub) leading the design, development and training of nature-based therapeutic interventions, incorporating FTHub’s specialized methodologies adapted to NATURELAB’s innovative framework.

The meeting

FTHub-NATURELAB Project members are Alex Gesse, Marta Ayats, Rocío Ferraro and Sonia Juarez.  FTHub representatives attended the meeting, bringing their expertise to the table, as FTHub’s role involves the design, implementation, and validation of nature-based therapeutic programs for groups with specific health needs. These nature-based programs are founded on the latest methodologies and the extensive knowledge of Forest Therapy Hub, along with the expertise of Peruvian partners in therapeutic horticulture.

The end goal is to test Standardized Intervention Programs that are customized for different participant groups and the unique characteristics of therapeutic green spaces. Learn more.

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