FTHub is now member of the Planetary Health Alliance

The Planetary Health Alliance is a coalition of 250+ member institutions from 50+ countries – supported by a small staff team based at Harvard University, a Steering Committee of international experts, ten PHA Regional Hubs, global fellows, volunteers, and ambassadors; and thousands of individual supporters.

FTHub has based the trainings and its mission on Planetary Health since its beginnings, what makes this membership a fortunate organic consequence of common convictions and approaches to nature-based practices, research and education. PHA also understands and addresses the human health impacts of global environmental change.

The mission of the Planetary Health Alliance (PHA) is to promote, mobilize, and lead an inclusive, transdisciplinary field of planetary health and its diverse science, stories, solutions, and communities to achieve the Great Transition, a comprehensive shift in how human beings interact with each other and Nature.

It is not a surprise that the core values in FTHub are close to those of PHA: Science-driven innovation, Urgency, Justice, Equity & Compassion, Humility, Partnership & Inclusivity and Hope.

FTHub is an organization dedicated to education and innovation through research. But its work does not end when the Guides and Practitioners receive their Certification, but one of the pillars is to build, enrich and develop the network of professionals who have passed through FTHub.

Through the Map of Guides, through lifetime Upgrade Lectures where professionals of the highest level offer periodic free Masterclasses, through the FTHub 3-day In-person Immersive training where past an present Guides and Practitioners can update content and experiences in nature, and more.

PHA has the same commitment to building and enriching its community, which is why is a real pleasure this invitation to continue with the commitment and responsibility of making this a healthier planet, for healthier people.

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