Alex Gesse

Planetary Health and the FTHub Method at the Health Quality and Safety Forum

FTHub was part of the 7th Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare “Way Beyond ESG” held in Sao Paulo, Brazil from September 12 to 15, with a presentation by Alex Gesse, Executive Director.

The event, organized by the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), focused on the importance of decision-making in healthcare institutions from the perspective of Planetary Health as a concept that integrates the environmental, social and autonomous dimensions of the human being.

Leading international speakers addressed how the health sector can promote good social and environmental practices at the same time, as well as seek opportunities for collaboration for sustainability actions beyond its borders. This event, which had its first version in 2015, had 2000 face-to-face participants and another 1000 online. They ranged from leading healthcare providers to operators’ directors and CEOs.

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein is a leading institution that launched the first Integrative Medicine training in Latin America. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), a US-based non-profit organization with over 30 years of experience as a promoter, partner and driver of results in healthcare improvement.

Alex presented the FTHub Method and the Liquid Interactions Model (LIM), its theoretical basis and its application in Well-being programs and Forest Therapy interventions in conjunction with organizations, universities and governments, focusing on the positive consequences for Planetary Health.

The Latin American Health Quality and Safety Forum “Far beyond ESG” was attended by CEOs, General Directors, Managers, Hospital Administrators, Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Frontline Healthcare Professionals, Researchers, Residents and students

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