Betty Fang

Creating spaces for healing in the urban nature of the big cities

Betty Fang, based in Singapore, is an inspirational figure specializing in nature connection practices coaching and FTHub Forest Bathing Guide. She empowers individuals, particularly women, by bringing the benefits of nature to urban dwellers in bustling cities in Singapore and China. Betty’s strong determination and goals shape her life as she facilitates the enhancement of people’s quality of life through the transformative power of nature.

Growing up in Shanghai, I always felt a sense of disconnection from nature. However, this changed when I visited New Zealand in my early 20’s, and it was there that I felt a profound connection to the natural environment. Having the opportunity to explore the bush, forests, and engaging in hiking activities made me realize the therapeutic benefits of being close to nature. This connection was very different to my urban upbringing, and it sparked my passion for bringing the tranquility of nature to others, especially those living in bustling cities.

My professional path has been a dynamic journey driven by a passion for using coaching to support individuals and Forest Bathing to forge connections between the natural and human worlds. Before I became a Forest Bathing guide to reconnect individuals with the natural world, I started my career as a life coach, focusing on women’s empowerment and self-development. 

“This dual role allows me to offer a holistic approach, utilizing nature as a serene backdrop for coaching sessions. My commitment is to create positive change by empowering women, coupled with the therapeutic benefits of nature, to foster transformations in individual lives and to contribute to the well-being of communities”.

Nature at the core

“Nature is a central theme for my career. I love infusing its influence into various projects and initiatives. Whether guiding Forest Bathing sessions or coaching people to be a better self, the natural environment serves as a foundational element. In my projects, I integrate nature as a source of inspiration and serenity, creating spaces for individuals to connect with the outdoors within the urban context. Nature is an integral part of the transformative experiences I strive to facilitate those well-being and personal development.

Discovering forest bathing was a transformative moment for me. After missing the natural landscapes of New Zealand in the urban environment of Singapore, I stumbled upon Forest Bathing, as something that brought the peace of nature to urban settings. The Guide training was a profound experience, deepening my understanding of the practice and providing me with the tools to share its benefits with others. It has contributed significantly to my personal growth and reinforced my commitment to promoting well-being through nature.

Implementing Forest Bathing in the context of urban life involves creating accessible spaces for people to experience nature. Parks and green areas within cities become vital for these practices. People, especially those in bustling environments like Shanghai or Singapore, often find solace and relaxation in these sessions. The need for such practices is evident in the increasing stress and disconnection from nature that urban dwellers experience.

“I remember a participant who initially expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of Forest Bathing and as the session progressed, there was a visible shift happening — from tension to a sense of calm and connection. It highlighted the universal appeal of nature’s therapeutic effects and reinforced my belief in the power of introducing these practices to diverse audiences.

“I want to emphasize the importance of recognizing the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. In our fast-paced, urban lives, we often forget the profound impact that nature can have on our well-being. 

“My mission is to inspire individuals to integrate nature into their daily routines, fostering a harmonious balance that enhances both personal and environmental health. Forest Bathing is not just a practice; it’s a bridge connecting us back to the essence of our surroundings and, ultimately, ourselves”.


Ph: Courtesy Betty Fang

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