The secrets of the deep restorative approach of Horticultural Therapy

Daniela Silva-Rodríguez Bonazzi has thousands of photos of flowers on her cell phone and a dahlia from Monet’s garden as her wallpaper. At the age of 23, she was managing the World Potato Germplasm Bank in vitro, then created her own company and later left it to become one of the most accomplished embassadors of

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Psychology in nature: Forest Bathing as a public policy in Lithuania

Ina Kalvanienė is a Clinical Psychologist who secretly played in the “forbidden” forest near her parent’s yard in a small town of Lithuania. As an FTHub Certified Forest Bathing Guide, she was called by the local health center supported by the National Health Ministry to run a series of forest bathing sessions for different community

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When the forest works to break down stigmas

Erika DiPasquale lives in New Jersey, USA. She works as a children’s Book Editor in New York and has a very important “wellness practice piece” in her life as a Certificate Yoga teacher, Reiki Practitioner, and FTHub Forest Bathing Guide. She has guided for the American Cancer Society and stigma-free related organizations. Outstanding projects are

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Guiding walks and interventions implemented as public policy

Claudia Tolosa Ruiz and Tanit Diego are Forest Therapy Practitioners trained by FTHub since they converged to train in Urkiola Natural Park, Basque Country. Since then their careers took a deep sense of connection with nature not so new in their lives, but professionally. They carry forward the implementation of Forest Bathing as a public

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