The deep bond between Breathwork and Forest Bathing

Marta Grabowska has a degree in Social Sciences at Warsaw University and a postgraduate in Coaching and Mentoring. She is a certified Breathworker, Holistic Trainer and FTHub Forest Bathing Guide. Her professional path from corporations and working with international teams, to the deep world of Breathwork, indoors and outdoors. Her most peace-transmitting voice says a

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Wildlife, photography and clinical research come together to improve human health

Lis Leão has dedicated many years to the study of pain. She is one of a kind. She created the research group e-Nature who studies the impact of nature in patients and healthcare workers, and the groundbreaking scientifically-validated bank of images that produce well-being in clinical contexts, e-NatPOEM.  A nurse, researcher and wildlife photographer, she

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Art and nature: a festival celebrating forests, water and community

Lorena Chiarcos (Latisana, Italy) has an expansive warm sense of humor. An Artistic Mediator Counselor by the Gestalt Institute, a Forest Bathing Guide trained by FTHub and president of Anthea Art Studio, she “looks at the person as an indivisible whole of body and mind”.  Forest Bathing was a calling that led this powerful woman,

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The revolution in the management of natural parks for the health and well-being of people

Xavier Roget is passionate about his profession, nature and interpersonal relationships. “I’m like one of those crazy people,” he says, and indeed he has been revolutionizing the management of natural parks since long ago with a model based on innovation, communication “bridges” and alliances that turn into friendships. A Forestry Engineer, Tourism and Culture Advisor

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