Leading Forest Bathing with Forestry and Forest Owners

Marzena Zachowska and Maria Rothert are pioneers. Not only their live interview on the State Forest’s Facebook account was seen by 9 thousand people. As FTHub-trained Forest Bathing guides, their professional leadership in Forest Bathing is a milestone in the forest industry and landowners. They work together in a field with common interests: health through forests and

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Rosie Mc Laughlin

Wilderness bringing relief from mental and social health issues

Rosie Mc Laughlin hardly catches her breath between sentences, and just as passionately supports people in difficult social and personal situations. She is a Forest Bathing Guide trained by FTHub, is about to start working in the UK National Health Service (NHS), and is dedicated to her role as an Outreach Worker in Venture Trust,

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Forest Bathing within reach of people: three-day retreats, workshops and therapeutic forest

Milene Domingues is a Forest Bathing Guide and Forest Therapy Practitioner from Portugal trained by FTHub, after attending an introductory workshop in Lisbon. She offers through her project Ngura – Forest that Heals, one-day Forest Bathing sessions and two-day workshops in Obidos, and three-day Retreats in the Azores Islands. A place “without noise, cars or

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Adventure Therapy, a pioneering path to health through wild nature

This is the path of Natalia Ruiz de Cortázar, a pioneer in her professional area and Professor at FTHub: Master in Mental Health Counselling, psychologist, psychoeducational guide and Wilderness Therapist who develops her work through Experientia, a non-profit organisation formed by mental health and intervention professionals that offers a different and validated way of doing

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Art Therapy

The meeting of art, forest and health

Rita Nunes da Ponte is one of Forest Therapy Hub’s professors. Her masterclasses on Expressive Arts are one of a kind. Not only for her experience but for her profound approach to art, people and nature.  “It is as a member of SPAT’s training team that I am happy to coordinate our contribution to Forest

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Vivian Winterhoff, trainer & mentor in FTHub

Nature in motion: when the road returns to the forest

Vivian Winterhoff lives in the United States, she is a Forest Bathing Guide, trainer and mentor in FTHub. She has a deep and practical approach to Forest Bathing, senses and empathy. After meeting her in the training it is no surprise to learn she was a little girl when she started writing a book about

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