Forest Bathing with Sign Language: the encounter of calm, silence and awareness

Cristina Rodriguez Gonzalez has a fascinating combination of humility, sweet voice and unstoppable tenacity that has led her to be one of the most prolific Guides. She is an FTHub Forest Therapy Practitioner and Environmental Engineer who founded Shinrin Yoku Santander, in Spain, thanks to a process of networking and self-improvement. In addition to giving

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From Microbiology to Forest Bathing: the incredible path of research and respect for one’s connection to nature

Daniela Centron is a Senior Researcher in Microbiology in CONICET, Director of the Research Institute of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), and Professor at the prestigious Faculty of Medicine of the UBA in Argentina. Also an FTHub Forest Bathing Guide, a brilliant mind and great adventurer. A true living

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