Green jobs in depth: the appeal of working for health and forests 

Vera Steinberg lives in Bonn, Germany, and grew up very near the Black Forest, one of the most beautiful areas in the world. As a M.Sc. in Forest Ecology and Management, she works as a Policy Advisor for Forest Europe where she leads the work stream “Green Jobs and forest education”. This includes research and

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Forest Therapy for specific groups: from Environmental Education to a new connection with nature

The cover image of this interview means a lot to them. Ibon Sarasola Monzon and Violeta Toran Pereg, Forest Bathing Guides and Forest Therapy Practitioners, have guided together with Forest Therapy Hub in pilot projects of Forest Therapy interventions for specific groups of women victims of exclusion and domestic violence, adults in loneliness and teachers

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Sustainability and climate change: Social Psychology research for public policy changes

How can day-to-day personal decisions affect the future? Ricardo García Mira, PhD in Social Psychology, has researched and turned the answers into policy guidelines in Europe. What lifestyle, social consumption in energy, clothing and food as a pattern of time use do we lead? His profound look at sustainable consumption, nature-based solutions to avoid aggressive

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“Joyful healing”: Forest Bathing for educators, children an Muslim mothers and daughters

Susan Andrien lives in Oakland, California, and has decades of experience as a Marriage and Family therapist, Restorative Justice Circle keeper and Camp Counselor for traveling camps with children and teenagers.  She is an FTHub-trained Guide and her next steps in Forest Bathing -a training that has given her professional “sinergy”, “grounding” and “community”- are

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