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Exclusive masterclasses led by renowned international experts from different fields on specific topics related to nature, health and well-being.

FTHub Lectures are exclusively for:

FTHub Guides and Practitioners in training or already certified, regardless of the year of certification
Those who have enrolled in courses or mini-courses

Lectures Calendar

(updated with new Lectures every 3 months)


Lis Leão

PhD | Senior Researcher | Full Prof. Health Sci. | Hosp. Israelita A. Einstein

FTHub Forest Therapy Practitioner

A time with e-Nature

David Roland

PhD | Clinical Psychology

FTHub Forest Bathing Guide

Can Forest Bathing Ease Eco-anxiety?

Daniela Silva-Rodríguez Bonazzi

Horticultural Therapist

Design of therapeutic gardens

Dr Kirsten McEwan

PhD Psych | Research Psychologist, Univ. of Derby

FTHub Forest Bathing Guide

Forest bathing for children


Marta Ayats

Training Manager

FTHub Forest Therapy Practitioner

Design and offer engaging Nature Connection Activities

Erika DiPasquale

Hub Seedlings Manager

FTHub Forest Bathing Guide

Design and offer engaging Nature Connection Activities

Martha Liliana Perdomo Ramirez

Bogota Botanical Garden

Nature, Health and Culture – a commitment to a vital reconnection with the natural environment

Dr Carlos A. Guzmán

Ass. Prof. Grad. School Univ. Maryland Baltimore

Education for Planetary Health


Antoni Sanz

Ass. Prof. Univ. Autònoma Barcelona

Physical activity and emotional well-being: What does nature bring?

Alex Gesse

Executive Director

Forest Therapy Interventions: encompassing a multifaceted approach with applications in clinical, social, and holistic contexts.

Dr María Guadalupe Garibay Chávez

MSc Psych | PhD Psych | Res. Prof. Univ. Guadalajara

FTHub Forest Therapy Practitioner

Forest Therapy to enhance mental and social health in older adults

Nevin Harper

PhD | RCC | Nature-based Therapist

FTHub Forest Therapy Practitioner

Adding adventure to therapy outdoors


Xavier Roget Padrosa

Advisor, Parks Network Diputació Barcelona

The strategic proposal of Global Health in the Network of Natural Parks of the Diputació of Barcelona

Rocío Ferraro

Communications Director

Forest Bathing in Argentina and the Ibero-American Context

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