Welcome to The Forest Therapy Hub Academy

The Forest Therapy Hub Academy is a warm, friendly, and vibrant school built on an ethos of equality and social justice for all. We believe that every person will be professionally and personally successful, as a contributor to a deepest connection with nature and planetary health.


Fuel your growth with FTHub Courses: connect on Live Online Calls with top experts, learning practical insights from those who walk the talk

Which extra benefits do I get from the Courses?
1-year access to FTHub Lectures: 40 hours of additional live online premium content offered by international experts.
1 Course qualifies you to apply for an FTHub 3-day In-person Immersive Training in Nature.
Wild Blue
Learn to integrate methodologies and techniques for connecting with nature to enhance the therapeutic properties of aquatic environments.


FTHub Certified Nature Connection Facilitation Specialist
Discover the transformative power of nature connection and learn how to integrate it into your professional practice with practical activities and expert guidance.


NatureConnect: Nurturing Children’s Growth Through Outdoor Experiences
Inspire children through nature. Learn essential skills to craft engaging nature connection activities that foster creativity and connection.


Why participate in a Professional Development Programmes?

Upgrade your capabilities and expand your skills.

Stay motivated by incorporating the changing trends.

Contribute to social progress by being more useful to people.

Professional development programmes are designed to expand the training of professionals in several sectors, among other:

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