FTHub Summer School experts

The life pathways that make a difference in nature-based health practices

People like you and me, who have taken their passion for nature and health to levels of structural change all around them. They not only forged a level of theoretical-practical knowledge in scientific matters, but let the flows of life lead them to make a difference.

Get to know in depth the international experts who collaborate with FTHub in the 8-day immersive Forest Therapy Practitioner training, the FTHub Summer School. Men and women from diverse contexts, countries and academic backgrounds, who converge in Forest Therapy for different reasons. All of them have created a turning point.

They have also had a particular relationship with nature. People who have known how to read the coordinates of their times and the needs of society and the Planet. Who have found, not without effort, a way to convey their knowledge for the welfare of individuals and to promote healthier societies.

This group is united for 8 days in a historic sharing, which combines the human and professional, the scientific and the deeply experiential. Get to know them in these generous interviews:

Adventure Therapy to New Heights: Nevin J. Harper

Nevin Harper, PhD, RCC: “The less you prescribe, the better they find the path. Nature provides”

Green cities and Social Prescribing: Jill Litt

Nature as an antidote to loneliness and disconnection: Dr. Jill Litt’s journey in Social Prescribing

Public Forest System for the Health of an Entire Country: Won Sop Shin

Won Sop Shin and the Korean Public Policy on Forests for happiness, health and welfare

Public Management of Natural Parks for Human Health: Xavier Roget

The revolution in the management of natural parks for the health and well-being of people

In-depth research on Human Psychology in nature: Antoni Sanz

Antoni Sanz on the Science of the Human Psyche in Nature for Integration into Health Care

The transformation of the Academy for Human Health through nature: Guangyu Wang

UBC’s Guangyu Wang: The science of Forest Therapy, the whys and hows of the healing power of nature

When Heartfelt Forest Therapy Became a Scientific Method: Alex Gesse

Método y experiencia: la ciencia a pie de calle para el bienestar de las personas y del planeta

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