Nevin Harper

PhD | RCC | Thérapeute de la nature

Nevin lives, works and plays on the unceded traditional territories of the Coast Salish Peoples in the region colonially known as Vancouver Island, off Canada’s west coast.
He is a Professor at the University of Victoria where he teaches youth work and counselling skills including the use of outdoor and experiential approaches. He draws on more than two decades of experience as an outdoor skills instructor, wilderness guide, youth worker and registered clinical counsellor. He presents internationally on outdoor therapies as a researcher, author, trainer and consultant.
Nevin co-authored « Nature-based Therapy » (2019) and Co-edited « Outdoor Therapies » (2020), two recent books defining the confluence between nature connection, health promotion and a range of practice opportunities. His research examines the role of natural environments and adventure experiences in human health and development.
Nevin’s approach to counselling in nature has been guided by his beliefs that human and ecological health are reciprocally determined and in relationship to one’s own ecological identity. He centres his client sessions on developing sensory awareness of inner and outer landscapes, increasing capacity for self-regulation, developing resilience and confidence through risk-taking and play.

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