Kari Krogh

PhD Psychologie

Kari has enjoyed working with disabled people in clinical, academic, and community settings. After completing a social sciences post-doctoral fellowship, she held a senior research fellowship with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. As a Disability Studies professor, Kari developed and used collaborative methodologies to meaningfully involve disabled people in research. Dr Krogh, who lived with chronic illness, then acquired a severe disability affecting mobility, neurocognition, and stamina, requiring her to take a leave from her academic position.

Mindful nature connection has been central to Kari’s slow journey to feeling whole. This inspired her to establish the EcoWisdom Forest Preserve on the unceded territory of the Madaoueskarini Algonquin People, where she lives off-grid among free-roaming wildlife, flowing water, and thousands of trees. Kari combines her knowledge of forest bathing, mindfulness meditation, neuroscience, and contemplative communication with her personal experience in offering Accessible Nature Well-being Programmes. These programs are designed to be inclusive of people living with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or challenges associated with ageing. This form of peer support fosters holistic well-being, belonging, and agency.

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