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Nature and mental health, a new partnership in the UK

Forest Therapy Hub has an extensive track record of collaborations and interventions regarding mental health. The organisations or companies we have collaborated with are witnesses to the importance of nature-based practices to support recovery processes. 

Venture Trust and FTHub are joining forces to make nature-based practices part of the tools to improve people’s mental health a partnership that strengthens one of FTHub’s core pillars and of which we are proud and grateful.  

Venture Trust is a charity in Scotland, UK, supporting people with mental health issues, people in the criminal justice system and people facing long term unemployment.

FTHub supports Venture Trust to continue and strengthen its therapy work with people through nature-based practices, so that they acquire the vital skills, stability and confidence needed to reach their potential.

Focusing support in local communities and in the outdoors, Venture Trust uses outdoor therapy and experiential learning to challenge people’s beliefs, attitudes and behaviours and to help them unlock their skills and learn new, more positive ways of approaching life situations. 

This new partnership includes the provision of specialised FTHub Forest Therapy Practitioner training  to Venture Trust members to add these tools to their wonderful work.

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