Nino Martino of AIGAE and Alex Gesse of FTHub formalised the partnership agreement in the Italian Alps.

 FTHub and AIGAE join for nature-based wellbeing

FTHub is honoured to announce the collaboration with AIGAE, the Italian Association of Environmental and Hiking Guides and largest of its kind, to develop networks that benefit training in nature-based wellbeing practices and the innovation on public use of natural spaces.

AIGAE is the main Italian association of Environmental and Hiking Guides, the only one of its kind recognised by the Ministry of Economic Development. It works actively so that parks, reserves, marine protected areas, tourist organisations of environmental and cultural value can make use of highly qualified and specialised personnel in the delicate and fundamental profession of nature guides and interpreters.

The aim of this collaboration is to further improve the offer of sustainable tourism, environmental and cultural heritage interpretation and to expand nature and nature-based health and wellbeing practices in Italy. 

FTHub and AIGAE thus seek, through their respective expertise, to exchange experiences and develop products and services in all common and mutually relevant fields.

It is also a strong support for Forest Bathing guides and Forest Therapy practitioners trained by FTHub, as well as other professional developments in the field of nature and forest based wellbeing practices in Italy. 

The collaboration between FTHUB and AIGAE includes cultural, training, professional, educational, interpretative, socio-economic activities, collaboration in European, national and/or regional projects which will be reported. In addition, they are jointly organising the Forest Bathing Guide training in Valsugana from 18-22 April 2022 and the AIGEA Guides will access the training with a special discount

It is a special milestone for FTHub to have the support and collaboration of an association of the magnitude of AIGAE, for Italy, Europe and the world.

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