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Collaboration for the Inclusion of Forest Bathing in Native Territories: An Ancestral Legacy and a Transformative Partnership

In an exciting partnership between the Forest Therapy Hub (FTHub) and the Raíces Indigenous Tourism Incubation Program and the Bröràn indigenous community of Térraba, a significant step has been taken towards the inclusion of Forest Bathing in native territories.

Don Paulino, a respected figure in the Bröràn community, has emerged as a visionary leader by combining ancestral wisdom with the training provided by FTHub. His role as a certified Forest Bathing Guide not only highlights his commitment to the health and well-being of his community, but also his determination to preserve traditions while being open to new knowledge.

This collaboration is not only about forest bathing, but a reaffirmation of the interconnection between nature and culture. Térraba, with its rich history of intimate relationship with the land, becomes a space conducive to the convergence between modern and ancestral practices. Don Paulino not only trains as a Forest Bathing Guide, but also leads the « Bröràn Ancestral Forest Therapy » initiative, an ecological and tourism business model in native villages.

« Forest Therapy is not only for the individual, but also for the community and the land. It is a bridge between the teachings of our grandparents and the need for healing in modern times, » shares Don Paulino in an interview with FTHub. This collaboration brings with it a powerful message of conservation, connection and empowerment, while weaving a deep bond between nature and ancestral wisdom.

This agreement is a tangible manifestation of how training and collaboration can transcend generations, cultures and borders. Together, FTHub and the Bröràn community of Térraba are writing a new and hopeful chapter in the history of health and well-being, demonstrating that the combination of traditional and contemporary knowledge can create a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

Ph: Courtesy Paulino Najera Rivera
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